2018: Young Buraku fight discrimination

Buraku Liberation Center (BLC), ein Werk der Vereinigten Kirche Christi in Japan (Kyodan)

Young ‘buraku’ offspring fight discrimination, hatred online
By YOKO TANAKA/ Staff Writer
Asahi Shinbun, February 16, 2018

Worried about the future of her newborn daughter, Tami Kamikawa searched the Internet for information about a discrimination issue that was supposed to have ended more than a century ago.

What she found was that modern technology was being used to spread bigotry, falsehoods and even personal information, such as names and addresses, to identify potential targets for discriminatory attacks.

The websites prompted Kamikawa, then in her 20s, to stop hiding her background and to join other young descendants from “buraku” communities to tackle the age-old problem “We have confronted the buraku issue and struggled with it in our daily lives,” Kamikawa said.

The issue stems from the feudal era, when people in the lowest social class who were engaged in “uncleanly” or undesirable professions, such as working in slaughterhouses or tanneries, were segregated in special outcast areas called buraku communities. ....


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