2013: Confession of Determination



Confession of Determination
Our prayer for the realization of peace on the Korean Peninsula
- Statement presented at Peace Prayer event, April 22

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives.
Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. John 14, 27

This land we are standing on right now, the Korean Peninsula is the last remaining divided country in the world.

When we gained liberation from the oppression and pain of the Japanese Empire, the joy lasted only for a short time. Extreme opposite ideologies from outside intervened and their influence ended the war with only an armistice. The situation of division has been permanent for the last 60 years and been the cause of grief and agony. We emphasize that the one Korean people was torn apart as the country was divided into the total alienation of South and North.

Our prayer is that this land may be filled with the blessing and peace of our infinite God, that this land may become one without differentiation and estrangement, that this land which is divided into rich and poor may become a place of mutual sharing, and that this land may become a place of God’s care despite interference from others.

We pray that one day soon God’s kingdom may be achieved in this land.

Oh Lord! The Korean Peninsula is once again facing a crisis of war. This reality, of the sudden collapse of our long efforts for South and North to become one united country again, is hurting our hearts very much.

God of peace! We earnestly pray.

Our earnest desire is for the crisis of sudden war on the Korean Peninsula to be over and that this peninsula becomes a land heading towards peace. We pray that God’s grace will enable us to prevent the repetition of a history of aiming guns at each other, and that his guidance will enable us to start talking in the midst of crisis and develop a wise way in which the South and North can show mutual reconciliation and be able to live in harmony.

God of reconciliation! We earnestly pray. Help us put aside the mutual hostility of South and North Korea and quickly bring the precious day of mutual reconciliation and love. We are brothers and sisters of one people. Open our eyes to the reality of kinship. We repent of our inability to mutually forgive, and so end the days of hatred. Dear Lord, show the grace of your infinite wisdom to our people, so that God’s kingdom of reconciliation will be realized in the South and North of this land.

God of hope! We earnestly pray. We have failed to re-unify what has been divided into two parts for the last 60 years. Oh Lord! Help us to discard the armistice and be with us in our earnest hope to sign a peace treaty to form a system of peace on the Korean Peninsula. Please help us now to quickly bring the two parts of our history together into one.

We actively promote the achievement of peace on the Korean peninsula and ask for God’s grace to gift us with the sight of the kingdom of God’s comprehensive blessing. Please use us to work for the kingdom of God until the day when reunification will achieve peace in South and North Korea.

Lord of Peace! Please help us! We earnestly hope that a comprehensive peace will come
to pass on the Korean Peninsula. We pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.


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