2012: Grußbotschaft vom Moderator

38th General Assembly

Grußbotschaft des neuen Moderators des NCCJ, Pfarrer KOBASHI Koichi


Greetings in Our Risen Lord!

In this the beginning of the 38th General Assembly, NCCJ starts down a fresh path with the election of a new moderator, general secretary and officers.

We would like to express our deep appreciation once again to all of you for your thoughts and support in response to the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. Although recovery in the affected region is proceeding steadily, the road ahead is long and filled with tremendous obstacles. We ask for Our Lord's on-going help and guidance. With renewed determination, NCCJ will be maintaining its close ties with and supporting the activities of not only our member denominations and organizations, but also other Christian denominations and organizations as well as local churches and support groups working in the area.

The most significant issue raised by this disaster is that of nuclear energy. Although this topic is being discussed from the aspects of technology, health, economics and politics, it must be brought into the spotlight and considered at an even deeper level.

NCCJ is now working toward creating a preparatory committee for an international conference in which Christians and members of other faith communities come together in unity to confront the issue of nuclear power. Your knowledge, experience and cooperation would be of great help in this effort.

The more critical the problem, the more critical unity is. With a motto of "Rather than one person taking one-hundred steps, one-hundred people taking one step," NCCJ will move forward in its work,

"holding onto the Hope of Christ with confidence and steadfast dedication."

In Christ,
Kōichi Kobashi, Moderator
National Christian Council in Japan