2013: Korean Christian History: Research

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A Research presentation on Korean Christian History and Culture Centre  


The NCCK is preparing the construction of a centre dedicated to Korean Christian history and culture to preserve the Christian cultural assets of Korea.  Research has been carried out for the past year, and a presentation was made to the NCCK membership on Feb. 15, entitled “History is the Future which was Conceived in the Past.”

The History and Culture Center Committee have established a number of goals for the Center.

1. While it will primarily be a benefit to historians and academics, who will take advantage of the archive and online archive service, it will also mean that information on Korean Christianity will be readily accessible to even members of the general public, church members, students, genealogists, etc.

2. A Christian History Network will be set up to preserve historical records and cultural assets from across the country, and which will be accessible from anywhere in the country.

3. A History Tour Program will be established to engage and educate the public about Korea’s vital and interesting Christian history and culture.  This program will provide an opportunity for the church and the local community to have closer ties, and will ensure the stories and lessons of the past will not be lost.

4. Finally, the Committee envisions and expects a revival of the ecumenical movement, as churches have the opportunity to share their history and culture with each other in this Korean Christian History and Culture Centre. 

We pray for a fruitful conclusion to this matter in the love of the God of history.

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