2019: eine Bitte um Fürbitte


Aus Hongkong erreichte uns eine Bitte um Fürbitte. 
Please pray for Hong Kong churches for unity.

"... the announcement of the withdrawal of the extradition bill is a positive development came in so late ..."

"In fact, the society asked the government to withdrawal the Bill before June. If the government withdrew the bill after the demonstration on June 9th, the issue would not come to the current development.
Furthermore, the protestors have raised five requests, and withdrawal of the bill it's just one of the five.
In my opinion, at least the second request -- an independent investigation committee -- need to be in place.
I think, the protestors will not accept the deal. Demonstrations will go on.

Please pray for Hong Kong churches for unity."

"... The demonstrators in Hong Kong are mainly the youth. Young people in the church will ask the churches to act or to say something."
A small church in Hongkong says:  "... church is a small group, people don't you know us. Our challenge is that: how to be a peacemaker when others choose to be violent.
China government is going to hinder Church development in Hong Kong
So, Another challenge is how the ... churches can survive under heavy rent ,high living standard and slow development.

Here is my request:
1 praying for Peace and Justice in Hong Kong
2 Praying for the unity of the Mennonites in Hong Kong and also the churches in Hong Kong
3 praying for the reconciliation among different parties; especially between the police and the citizen.
4 praying for Hong Kong government as well as the China government to handle the issue with wisdom and humanity.
5.Praying for the future development of Christianity in Hong Kong. (because one thing is for sure, China government is going to hinder Church development in Hong Kong) ..."

(the author of this request is known to us)