2020: Erinnerung an das Tribunal von 2000 & 2001

Comfort Women - "Trostfrauen" - 
2000 = Tribunal in Tokyo
2001 = Sentences in Den Haag

Erinnerung an das Tribunal von 2000/2001 in Tokyo/Den Haag

Symposium in Tokyo 12. December 2020

Das Programm

Women’s International War Crimes Tribunal 20th Anniversary Online Symposium

The judgement of the women’s international war crimes/ How can we use testimonies to
create a better future. To eliminate sexual violence decriminalization and colonialism now


 <Date> December 12th (Saturday) 2020 1pm to 6pm (In Japan[JST])
<Viewing method> Live streaming via zoom webinar. Simultaneous interpretationsin Japanese, English and Korean will be provided.

Opening 13:00〜

Welcome from the organizers Michiko Nakahara,(VAWW RAC)
Welcome message from official event supporter
Takao Takahara(International Peace Research Institute Meiji Gakuin University)

Screening the documentary of the 2020 tribunal (credit to Video juku/Eriko Ikeda)

<Part 1>

・Keynote speech: Ustinia Dolgopol(chief justice of the court):
The Tokyo Women’s Tribunal-civil society’s reframing of the search for justice.“

・From Japan: Kouki ABE(Japan public prosecutors association/Prof. Meiji gakuin
Reconsider Japanese Colonialism from the Tribunal


・From Korea: Na-young LEE (The chief director of the Korean Council/Prof. Korean and Chuo university ):
“From the Tribunal to South Korea’s #MeToo movement that
punished sexual violence

●Message from Co-Representative of the International Executive Committee,Judge, Chief

prosecutor, China, North Korea,etc


<Part 2> 15:30〜

◆Listening to the testimonies of Japanese military “comfort women” and survivors of wartime sexual violence. Valuable testimonies of survivors past and present from  North and South Korea :Kim Hak-soon, Park Young-shim, Lee Ok-seon, Lee Yong-soo  

China :            Li Fu lan, LI jin yu, Li Jin e
Taiwan :          Iyang Apay, Chen Ta
Philippine :      Narcisa Claveria, Estelita Dy
Indonesia :      Tjinda, Nuraini, Jaheran, Dolli, Mince, Tashiyama
East Timor:     Esmeralda Boe, Marta Abu Bere

Proposals from the next generation - Connecting to the future - 
Current activities and proposals of the next generation in the East Timor, Koreans in Japan, Philippines, Taiwan, Korea and Japan.

Message from Hyunah Yang: “The Importance of Passing the Survivor’s Testimony ”

International Symposium on the 20th Anniversary of the Women's International War
Crimes Tribunal Draft Declaration
Yoko Shiba (Nationwide Action for Resolution of the Japan's Military “Comfort Women”)  japanisch

Closing remarks
Na-Young Lee (Director, Korean Council for Justice and Remembrance for the Issues of Military Sexual Slavery by Japan)

・It is prohibited to film, record, or screen capture this symposium.
・Those who have applied will be able to view the recording for a limited period of time
after the symposium.
・Do not disseminate webinar login details via social media or transfer access to the
・Webinar participants must register under their own names, and not pseudonyms
・Webinar login details must not be traded or transferred
・Participants must not obstruct organizers in the conduct of the webinar
・The rights, property, dignity and privacy of organizers, participants and third-parties to
the webinar must not be infringed, and illegal activity will not be permitted
・Activities connected to crime will not be permitted

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Weitere Informationen
Connecting to the Future     japanisch

Überblick über die Aktivitäten      japanisch

3. Japan-Korea Youth Project       japanisch