2016: Article 9 and Global Peace

The Fifth Global Inter-Religious Conference on Article 9
7. - 9. Juni 2016 in Osaka

Article 9 and Global Peace - Letting Crisis Lead Us Toward Peace
憲法9条と世界の平和 - 危機を平和への転機に
The 5th Global Inter-Religious Conference on Article 9 of the Japanese Peace Constitution
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The Minami-Mido Temple of the Shinshu Otani-ha, Osaka, Japan
Termin:  7.-9. Juni 2016
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Keynote Address
Mr.Jinshiro Motoyama/ Mr.Itaru Ono, SEALDs
"We demand politics which respects Constitutionalizm"

Presentation 1
Mr. Ken Takada
Citizen's liaison against the revise of the constitution for the worse
"The New 'Prewar' Era of the Abe Administration & Constitutional Revision"

Story Sharing 1
Fr.Stephan Yoo, Anglican Church of Korea
"War with History, for the victims of armless War"


Story Sharing 2
Ms. KIM ki-gan "One-person show"

Presentation 2
Rev. Noriyuki Hino, Shinsyu Otani Sect
"War Responsibility among People of Faith & Article 9"

Presentation 3
Rev. Kenning Ferdinand, Evangelische Kirche in Deutschland
"The World is a Global Village. The contribution of religions in the peace process in East Asia"

Forum Keynote Address
Tatsuya Takahashi (University of Tokyo)
"Wither Japan? The right of collective defense, historical awareness and the Japan-U.S. alliance"

Dr. Mathews George (CCA)
Rev. Yoichi Noguchi (Shukyosha 9Jo no Wa)


Toward Solidarity
Dr.Nick Mele (Pax Christi USA)

Joint Communiqué (Final Statement, June 9, 2016)

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