2020: Dr. SONG Kang Ho wieder vor Gericht

Gangjeong auf Chejudo (2020)

Petition supporting Song Kang Ho and Ryu Bok Hee
This petition was submitted to the judge at Jeju District Court on March 30, 202〇. The court held proceedings to review the arrest warrants for Gangjeong village peace activists Song Kang Ho and Ryu Bok Hee. In a short time about 4,700 people signed this petition on their behalf. Ryu Bok Hee was released later on the 30th, but Song Kang Ho was held in custody at the Jeju Dongbu Police Station. They are awaiting trial for their visit to the remaining part of Gureombi Rock (inside Jeju Navy Base) on March 7, 2020, the 8th anniversary since the blasting of Gureombi Rock in 2012.
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