2016: Korea's Militär im Vietnam-Krieg

VIETNAM - südkoreanisches Militär im Vietnamkrieg

Comfort Women in Vietnam and Korean Military

"During the Vietnam War, South Korean troops reportedly committed around 80 civilian massacres in which approximately 9,000 Vietnamese were killed. One of the worst of these was the Binh An Massacre.

Nguyen Tan Lan, a survivor of this massacre, delivered a speech at a memorial service held on the massacre’s 50th anniversary in Go Dai, a village in the rural commune of Tay Vinh (formerly Binh An) in Binh Dinh Province, in central Vietnam. “I would like the South Korean government to take responsibility for what happened,” Nguyen said.

It was here in Tay Vinh, fifty years ago this February, that South Korean troops massacred 1,004 Vietnamese civilians over the course of three weeks. ..."

Texte aus dem Jahr 2017. Quelle: The Hankyoreh.

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Einige Tetxe aus dem Jahr 2016. Quelle: The Hankyoreh.

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