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Center for Minority Issues and Mission

Japan Christian Center, Room52 2-3-18
Tokyo  160-0051
Tel: +81-3-6228-0509
Email: info@cmim.jp
URL: http://www.cmim.jp

See also about the "Minority Conference"  -  The Conference Report, 2015 (日本語)
3. International Conference on Minority Issues and Mission 
18.-21. Nov. 2015 at Korean YMCA in Tokyo, Japan  

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CMIM Flyer: Activities and Support:

"ln November 2015, Japanese churches hosted the 3rd International Conference on Minority lssues and Mission, with support and participation from partner churches of several nations. Conference Participants affirmed the need for deeper coordination among Christians to overcome the spread of intolerance and discrimination against minorities in Japan and other places around the world, and vowed to work for reconciliation and harmonious coexistence of all people. Soon after the conference the churches of Japan began preparations for theCenter for Minority lssues and Mission in Japan (CMIM). Receiving much encouragement and support also from ecumenical partners abroad, CMIM celebrated its opening in April 2017. The center for Minority lssues and Mission will engage in a variety of activities with the aim to realize an inclusive society, where diversity can be celebrated by every person, with dignity and ioy. "Let us spread the tent of inclusivity!" These are the words of our motto. ..."