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2021: Kwangju - 41 Jahre danach

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Quelle: Hankyoreh, May 18, 2021
On 41st anniversary of Gwangju Uprising, democracy, unity are key values
The May 18 Bereaved Family Association held a commemorative ceremony to mark the 41st anniversary of the Gwangju Uprising

Documents reveal Gwangju Uprising protesters were sent to Samchung Reeducation Camp
Newly discovered documents suggest that the military junta under former South Korean President Chun Doo-hwan misrepresented ordinaryprotesters in the Gwangju Uprising as violent gangsters and sent them to the notoriously brutal Samchung Reeducation Camp. Some of theprotesters at the Samchung camp even ended up at Cheongsong Prison in North Gyeongsang Province.

How martial law forces in Gwangju opened fire on minibuscarrying 17 people
It was May 25, 1980, and a minibus carrying 17 people from Gwangju to Hwasun rounded the corner on the road next to Junam Village.
“Fire!” The military officer carrying a walkie-talkie issued the order as he looked at the minibus. ...

[Reporter's notebook] Identifying 4-yr-old "unknown martyr"of Gwangju Uprising
There's been a lot of talk recently in Gwangju about a child buried in the "unknown martyrs" section of the May 18 National Cemetery

Gwangju Democracy Forum:  17 to 21 May 2021
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The May 18 Memorial Culture Center in Gwangju, Korea

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