2020: Crucial Policies for Combating Covid-19

Source:  https://covid19.mohw.gov.tw/en/mp-206.html

"Crusial Policies for Combating Covid-19"

Dedicated COVID-19 website goes online and provides information on Taiwan’s major measures taken to combat COVID-19


To share Taiwan’s epidemic prevention efforts and measures taken in the fight against coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), the Ministry of Health and Welfare established a dedicated COVID-19 website titled “Crucial policy for combating COVID-19”. The website features information about all epidemic prevention strategies formulated by the central and local governments and provides the timeline of these strategies to share the Taiwan Model and successful factors in containing COVID-19 with the public and the international community. The English version of the website has four main sections: timeline COVID-19, successful factors, healthcare system and major policy. For more information, please visit the English version of the website:



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