Who are "No Nukes Asia Actions (NNAA)"

Reactor Suppliers Lawsuit

Who are "No Nukes Asia Astionc NNAA)"?
       And what does the "reactor Supliers Lawsuit" intend to do?

We, NNAA and the Plaintiff Team of the RS Lawsuit, have been running two English weblogs:
For the introduction to NNAA below, we quote from its weblog, http://ermite.just-size.net/nucleare/
For the description of the RS Lawsuit below, we quote from its weblog, http://ermite.just-size.net/test/

Who are “No Nukes Asia Actions (NNAA)” ??
(Excerpt from a webpage of NNAA’s weblog)
We, NNAA, were formed in November 2012CE, as a group of anti-nuke citizens from Mongolia, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, etc.
For what we stand for, please read the excerpt from its weblog below:

+ From the weblog’s “Who we are?” page
We call ourselves “No Nukes Asia Actions.” Our wish is firm — we, “No Nukes Asia Actions,” are a group of citizens wishing to live in a world free from nukes, both weapons and nuclear power.
Currently, we are a small group active in some let’s-go-nuke-free activities mainly in Greater Tokyo Region, Japan. (Of course, we offer some help to refugees from Fukushima. Yet, please remember, Tokyo does have its “nuked problems.”)

We are not –
One of our members, SK Choi, has written in our Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/nonukesasia) :
“No Nukes Asia Actions is not an organization with leaders, rules and offices, but activities, movements to proceed the anti-NPP and anti-uranium mining causes and oppose to bringing the waste 0f NPP to Mongolia, which is the new colonialism.”
Thus, we are a network of similar-minded friends, not a structured organization.

Current members
As of December 2013CE, our Facebook Group, http://www.facebook.com/groups/nonukesasia, has almost 800 members from Mongolia, South Korea, Taiwan, Russia, US, Canada, Malaysia, India, Japan, and other regions of the world. (Italics updated)

For more info on the group, please visit the English weblog!

How NNAA decided to launch the “Reactor Suppliers Lawsuit”

As we, NNAA, began our anti-nuke, anti-uranium-mining activities in late 2012, we soon found out that the “nuke business” – mainly, reactor manufacturers – is still going around the world, even after the Fukushima I meltdown. Why?? Japan has a law, made after the US “Price Anderson Act,” which channels all the legal responsibilities to the power plant operator (TEPCO, in the case of Fukushima I) and lets go free the reactor suppliers to it (Hitachi, Toshiba, and GE in the case of Fukushima).
As long as a law like this (“Act on Compensation for Nuclear Damage,” in the case of Japan), the “deadly nuke businesses” will keep going around the world and hunt for next “victims” to “export reactors – and possibly meltdowns someday.”
We knew we had to eliminate those “channeling laws” from the face of the planet!

+ From the weblog’s “What is the Lawsuit all about?” page
(Excerpt from webpage of the Lawsuit Plaintiff Team’s weblog)

The meltdown incident that occurred at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant has not ended (as of May 1, 2013). The nuclear reactors formerly in operation at the Fukushima NPP were produced by GE, HITACHI, and TOSHIBA.
Referring to Japan’s Act of Compensation for Nuclear Damages (enacted in 1961), it prescribes that “the nuclear power operator  (in this case Tokyo Electric Power Company [TEPCO]) should be exclusively required to take whole responsibility on any nuclear damage caused by an NPP accident.” In other words, no reactor manufacturers are required to take any responsibility. According to our translation: “This Act is intended to contribute to sound development of the nuclear industry” Hence, the legal system itself is advocating nuclear energy.
This lawsuit involves questioning justifiability of the Act, which exempts reactor suppliers from assuming legal responsibilities accorded with a NPP accident.

Out intentions are to:
• Abolish the NDC Act
• Incite talks on reactor businesses’ amenability worldwide.
• Invite reactor suppliers to “turn green.”
• Terminate NPP exports and imports, in close cooperation with people of the world.
• Let the general public be aware of the deadly effects of the NDC Act and the similar legal provisions.

We also hope that people worldwide will follow suit in similar lawsuits or take action to abolish special legal provisions to protect nuke businesses all over the world. However, we have no intention to defame the three suppliers. Nor do we seek to collect “mega bucks” from the three. In fact, we only demand a token value of 100 JPY (around USD 1) per plaintiff.

***********  In summary ***********
1. The plaintiffs now consist of around 400+ citizens, as of December, 2013. (Italics updated) Help us build up this number!
2. The defendants are Hitachi, Toshiba, and GE (the three reactor suppliers to Fukushima I).
3. Our “token” compensation claim is 100 JPY per plaintiff.
4. The main objectives are to abolish Japan’s “NDC Act” ,  to spread the move worldwide, and to make the world free from nuclear power!
5. The lawsuit is scheduled to be filed at the Tokyo District Court, in early 2014.

For more info on the lawsuit, please visit its English weblog!

In August 2013, we span off the Lawsuit’s Plaintiff Team from NNAA, for convenience in legal procedures, The group and the Plaintiff Team has been in close cooperation since then.

* To download the POA to join in the Plaintiff Team, just visit the “APPLY NOW! (Application Forms)” webpage of the Plaintiff Team’s weblog, http://ermite.just-size.net/test/?page_id=368
* Also, if you are interested to see who are the attorneys to the Plaintiff Team, just visit the “Attorneys” page, http://ermite.just-size.net/test/?page_id=389

Mr. Choi Seungkoo, Secretary General of NNAA.
Or contact the Secretariat, which serves both NNAA and the Plaintiff Team:

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