2016: US Churches against THAAD

THAAD = Terminal High Altitude Area Defense

DOA and UCC Leaders Oppose Deployment of THAAD in South Korea

July 18, 2016

A letter to President Obama and the secretary of Defense Carter

"...   Our churches have long opposed the Cold War logic of missile defense systems. We are afraid that this decision to deploy the THAAD in South Korea has been only considered from a confrontational perspective that believes increased military pressure from the US will ease the military tension between North Korea and other neighboring countries and the US. However, now that the UN has put more economic sanctions on North Korea, and in response, North Korea has summoned its ambassador to the UN who served as a communication channel to the US, it is likely that additional military pressure from the US in the Korean Peninsula will cultivate more tension in the region and may culminate in another major military conflict. ...."

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