Minority Conference - Einblicke

15. - 21. November 2015
Tokyo, Japan

20.11.2015 (Baekki Heo)
We are in Plenary Session 3, in which we share what are discussed in each group and prepare for joint statement. Many lively opinions are being stated.


20.11.2015 (Michiko Bown-Kai)
Sharing something I wrote for a morning prayer service during the youth program.

"Blessed are those who gather for justice!
12: Blessed are the students of
Chosen Gakko school, for their celebration of culture is a gift to us all.
13: Blessed are those Zainichi who were murdered after the Great Kanto earthquake, their death shall not be forgotten but will guide uns to seek justice.14. Blessed are the Ainu, who teach us that the Spirit is revealed and continues to be revealed in other cultures.15. Blessed are the Buraku, for their dedication and hard work benefits all of society. May our own 'unclean' hearts become 'clean' as we become aware of our prejudice."
20.11.2015 (Baekki Heo)

Now we are having second group discussion time divided into seven groups. Discussions are getting more intensive as they get into practical "action plans" against racism situations today.

20.11.2015 (Michiko Bown-Kai)
Given the conclusion of this morning's plenary, I would love to learn more about what churches are doing to address empire.
Perhaps people can post links or comments below? I would like to start by offering the work of the United Church of Canada's publication Living Faithfully in the Midst of Empire from 2006. Thank you!

20.11.2015 (Baekki Heo)
Plenary Session 2    "Churches Confronting Discrimination"
Rev. Dr. Robina Winbush from Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) gave her presentation on Perspective of United States.
"Racism is different from prejudice. Prejudice plus power becomes racism."

20.11.2015 (Baekki Heo)

Dr. Gabriele Mayer from Evangelical Mission in Solidarity, Germany) presents from German perspective.

20.11.2015 (Baekki Heo)
Plenary Session 2 "Churches Confronting Discrimination" is going on.
Rev. Dr. Deenabandhu Manchala presented his experiences and knowledges in terms of global ecumenical engagement.

19.11.2015 (Young-Ja Park)
(Youth Conference)
2 Video-Clips:

19.11.2015 (Young-Ja Park)

19.11.2015 (Baekki Heo)

We had workshop time today in which each group share issues and phenomena occurred in Japan by listening to racial minorities' voices.
This is Workshop #6 "Can the church become a community of healing?"

Akio Lee19.11.2015 (Akio Lee)

Plenary Session #1. At first we share comtents of workshops

19.11.2015 (Baekki Heo)
Now we are in group discussions which go over with lunchtime. English speaking groups are working very hard without eating while Japanese and Korean speaking groups are relaxed with eating.

19.11.2015 (Baekki Heo)
The second keynote speech by Mr. Masao Niwa, expert lawyer for human rights advocacy

Bible study by Rev. Dr. Sungjae Kim, the moderator of Korean Christian Church in Japan, is proceeding    
18.11.2015 (Akio Lee)
Thematic lecture by Prof. Noriko Hama

Sermon by Bishop Dr. Geevarghese Mor Coorilos  
18.11.2015 (Patricia Talbot)

Bp. Geevarghese Mar Coorilos in opening sermon reflects on Matt 5:13 "You are the salt of the earth". He calls for people of faith to be like salt, to affirm life and resist threats to life, to be aware that being "like salt" means resisting unjust systems, to be transformative


18.11.2015 (Heiwa Kataoka)
A facilitator, MC Funi performed a rap impromptu. Participants gave three words to him and he made it. Afterward, participants made their 5 line poems and mix it, then made their original raps. Don't miss our report session at 6 PM on the 18th!! We're gonna rap again.