2015: Internat. Korea-Konferenz

Internationale Korea-Konferenz. 3.-6. Dezember 2015

International Conference on Peace and Reunification on the Korean Peninsula
Together on the pilgrimage of justice and peace

Martin Niemöller Haus, Arnoldshain, 3.-6. Dez.2015


Lutz Drescher
Opening remarks at the Korea Conference 2015

LEE Un-sunn
Justice and Time, humane time 

Dr. Rainer Werning
Confronting paradoxes – transcending enemy images – searching for peace

SUH Bo-hyuk
The Geopolitical Impact on the Human Dimension of Divided Korean Peninsula: 
A Retrospect and Prospect 

Unsuk HAN
독일 통일에 대한 한국에서의 인식 한운석(독일 튀빙겐대학교 한국학과 강의전담교수)