2021: Inter-religious Conference on Article 9

Die diesjährigen Konferenz findet im Internet statt. Die Vorbereitungsgruppe schreibt:
The 7th Global Inter-Religious Conference on Article 9 of the Japanese Peace Constitution Article 9 will be held on March 1st (Monday) through 6th (Saturday).  Initially, it was scheduled to be held in Okinawa last year, but due to the outbreak of COVID-19, it was forced to be rescheduled and will be held online in March this year.  The executive committee is currently in the process of final preparations.
The booklet in three languages (English, Japanese, Korean) has come out. Download the PDF posted here if necessary. You can see the schedule, contents, and all the statements of the past conferences. ....
A draft of the 7th Conference Statement to be announced this time will be posted at a later date.

2021 titel 1000


2021 inhalt 1000

Download pdf

Hier wird der Inhalt des in Japan vorbereiteten Booklets angezeigt.

Aus Deutschland nimmt Dr. M. Repp daran teil, der auch Präsentation 4 geschrieben hat. 
Er ist Vorstandsmitglied der DOAM. 

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