2020: Concerned about the closure of the inter-Korean joint office

8. Juni 2020, KNCC

Concerned about the closure of the inter-Korean joint office

Inter-Korean relations are rapidly deteriorating due to the North Korean refugee group's application to North Korea. North Korea seems to have entered the closing process of the South-North Joint Contact Office after the announcement of the discourse statement of the 1st Deputy Director of the Labor Party, Kim Yeo-jung.

The North Korean flyers must be eradicated by anti-peaceful and time-consuming acts that cause unnecessary friction by turning the joint efforts of the North and South leaders and the officials, including the declaration of Panmunjom, the Pyongyang Declaration, and the military agreement.

It is a situation in which the inter-Korean governments sincere efforts are desperate to end the situation of confrontation and antagonism for more than 70 years and to lead the path of national reconciliation, peace, and prosperity. Above all, the South-North Joint Contact Office is a window to communicate with each other among Korean people, and should continue in any political environment and play a role in contributing to the safety, peace and prosperity of the nation.

The Korean government will no longer rely on the United States, but will have to independently improve its inter-Korean relations by implementing advanced agreements. The North Korean government hopes to strengthen its will to improve inter-Korean relations through communication rather than disconnection.

June 8,2020

Korean Christian Church Council
Secretary Lee Hong-jeong
Reconciliation and Unification Committee
Wen Chang Heo Won Bae