Shin Seungmin: A Story of a Long-term Political Prisoner

KNCC / WCC : "Light of Peace"  1. März - 15. August 2020

Witness  'A Story of a Long-term Political Prisoner'

Rev. Shin Seungmin, Director, NCCK

"Choi In-Jung was born in North Korea in 1927. He completed his higher education in one of the best universities in North Korea, became a labor party member and worked with the government transportation department. He got married to Lim Ki-Chun and had four children. They made a happy family until he was dispatched to South Korea as a spy in 1964. Just two days after his arrival in the South he was arrested by the police and charged of espionage in 1967. He served 23 years' prison term and was released in 1988. He was 61 years old when he was released, which meant that he spent many of his productive years in prison. But in 1990, just two years after his release, he was diagnosed with the last period of liver cancer. He struggled with the cancer for almost a year and died on November 21 in the following year. Just few months before his death,

On October, 1991 just a month before his death, Choi sent a letter to the Human Rights department of the NCCK with which I worked as an executive secretary. His letter was full of deep feelings of suffering and sorrow, representing the tragic situation of Korea's division ...."

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