2016: Abuom - Eine Welt & gerechter Friede

Württembergische Evangelische Landessynode (15.)
8. Juli 2016

"Reformation – Eine Welt und Gerechter Friede"

Agnes Regina Abuom  (WCC, Kenya)
Presentation Climate Justice in the Context of Just Peace
in der Sitzung der 15. Landessynode am 8. Juli 2016

“Each generation has its challenges and its chances”
"You basically have two choices. One choice is to assume the worst, and then you can be guaran-teed that it will happen. The other is to assume that there is hope for change, and then it's possible that by acting you will help effect change. So you've got two choices. One guarantees that the worst will happen. The other leaves open the possibility that things might be better. Given those two choices, a rational person doesn't hesitate." - Noam Chomsky. This quote represents my view of how we as men and women of faith can approach climate justice in the context of just peace.

1.1 Economic Growth versus Climate Justice and Just Peace
1.2 Conflicts, Displacement and Vulnerability
1.3 The Intersection between Climate Justice and Just Peace
1.4 An ethic and value system

The full text of the presentation as pdf here.

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