2020: Olympics out of Fukushima

Aus Fukushima von Hidanren - Olympiade 2020
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How We Anticipate the Olympic Torch Relay:

The Olympics Have No Place in Fukushima

"The Olympic Torch Relay for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics is about to begin in Fukushima. As we find ourselves caught in the middle of an unprecedented nuclear crisis, we can’t find better words other than to say Fukushima has no place for the Olympics. We, as survivors of the nuclear disaster, cannot afford to welcome with open arms the deceiving term “Recovery Olympics.”

We will never forget. In September 2013, Prime Minister Abe appealed to the International Olympic Committee on behalf of Tokyo candidacy to host the 2020 Olympics with these words: "The situation [in Fukushima] is under control," "The effects of radiation-tainted seawater have been completely contained within a small margin offshore," "There has never been and will never be any health risks."

Six years have passed since then. What has everyday reality been like for us? ... "

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Action: Olympics out of Fukushima
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