2019: The Nuclear Disaster and Olympics

11. März 2011 - 11. März 2019

Source: The Asia-Pacific Journal | Japan Focus Volume 17 | Issue 5 | Number 3 | Mar 01, 2019

The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster and the Tokyo Olympics
Koide Hiroaki

Norma Field, Translation, Introduction and Notes

Introduction: “No One Who Is Alive Today …”  An introduction to “The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster and the Tokyo Olympics”
Norma Field

To the question, when did you decide to commit to the abolition of nuclear power, Koide Hiroaki replies without hesitation, “October 23, 1970.”1 It was March 2015 when Koide retired as assistant professor from the Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute. If we add together the lead-up to that decision and his activities following retirement, we come up with a half-century of dedication to the cause of stopping the nuclear generation of electricity, a keystone of postwar national policy.

How is it that Koide can point so precisely to that date, to any date? At the time, he was in his third year in the nuclear engineering department of Tohoku University. In adolescence, geology had been his passion. He was the head of his high school club even in his senior year, when it would have been commonsensical to dedicate every hour to preparing for university entrance exams. (To that endeavor he conceded a scant month or so, the January of the year he would matriculate in April.) Walking mountain trails, noting the things that geologists study, was the expression of an individual, a personal, love. ....

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Am 11. März 6:46 Uhr jährt sich Erdbeben & Tsunami in Fukushima. Weltweites Gedenken.
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