2016: Nationalism in the Abe Era

Nationalism in the Abe Era
The Asia-Pacific Journal | Japan Focus Volume 14 | Issue 20 | Number 4 | Oct 2016
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Nationalism in the Abe era

"This group of papers emerged from a panel entitled “Japan’s Identity Crisis and Reactionary Nationalism” at the 2016 Association of Asian Studies Conference held in Seattle, Washington, US. With the exception of Akiko Hashimoto, all the contributors were panelists.

The authors explore different dimensions of nationalism in Abe’s Japan illuminating what the ongoing culture wars signify about Japanese democracy, war memory, pacifism, religion, education, and wartime responsibility. ...."

SPECIAL FEATURE :  Nationalism in Japan
Edited by Jeff Kingston

Jeff Kingston, Introduction: Nationalism in the Abe Era  (Download pdf)

Akiko Hashimoto, Nationalism, Pacifism, and Reconciliation: Three Paths Forward for Japan‘s “History Problem”  (download pdf)

Mark Mullins, Neonationalism, Religion, and Patriotic Education in Post-disaster Japan  (Download pdf)

Nakano Koichi, Contemporary Political Dynamics of Japanese Nationalism  (Download pdf)

Sven Saaler, Nationalism and History in Contemporary Japan  (Download pdf)

Akiko Takenaka, Japanese Memories of the Asia-Pacific War: Analyzing the Revisionist Turn Post-1995  (Download pdf)

Jeff Kingston is Director of Asian Studies in Temple University Japan. He is the author of number of books and articles, including Asian Nationalisms Reconsidered (Routledge 2015, editor) and Nationalism in Asia: A History Since 1945 (Wiley-Blackwell 2016).