2016: Recovery from "Betrayal"

Asia-Pacific Journal Volume 14 | Issue 8 | Number 3, April 15, 2016
Mit freundlicher Erlaubnis von Japan Focus

Recovery from “Betrayal”:
Local Anti-Nuclear Movements and Party Politics in Taiwan

Shuge Wei

This article investigates the history and contemporary development of the local anti-nuclear experience in Gongliao district, Taiwan. It traces villagers' intricate relations with political parties, their frustration with the decision making process, and efforts to sustain local anti-nuclear momentum at a time when the anti-nuclear movement was in decline. By exploring local villagers' three decades of anti-nuclear efforts, this article focuses on their change of tactics, networks and ideologies, and explains how these changes had happened. It argues that local anti-nuclear activists played an important role in transforming an anti-nuclear movement from a party-led activity to an issue-based protest independent of party control. The transformation was facilitated by the deepening of a place-based consciousness among local activists.

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