2015: Road to Hell - National Route Nr. 6

Fukushima - 4 Jahre danach: 11.03.2011  -  11.03.2015
Mar 30, 2015
Nelson Surjon, NO GO ZONE 避難区域, RADIATION 放射能1

ROAD to HELL  地獄の曲り角
Welcome to National Route 6  国道6号線


The government has  reopened a section of National Route 6 running through part of the Hamadori region of Fukushima Prefecture, where residency is restricted due to radioactive contamination from the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant of Tokyo Electric Power Co. It opened the entire highway to traffic for the first time last year following the tsunami and nuclear disaster.
A Radiation monitoring stands proud on the side of the road to reassure citizens. 5.3uSv/h IS NOT reassuring . This should read 0.3 at the most in normal situation.

This also reads as 46mSv/year which is over 40 times the 1mSv/yr legal limit set until 311 and over twice the current “legal” limit of 20mSv/yr…

This is not just a peek in radiation – it is mostly on a high up average as shown here.

Some parts of route 6 recorded up to a 17.3μSv/h reading last September. Government asked to drive through with car windows shut. 
With locals, 40μSv/h hot spots have been reported alongside the route.

福島の国道6号 3年半ぶり全線開通だが、途中に毎時17.3μシーベルトの”汚染地帯”。「窓開けるな」と政府。強引な正常化演出を物語る(各紙)
各紙の報道によると、福島第1原発事故後、通行規制が続い ていた福島県富岡町-双葉町間の国道6号(14.1km)が、15日から規制解除となったが、
途中に最大放射線量毎時17.3マイクロシーベルトという” 汚染区間”がある。政府は「通行時は窓を閉め切って」と呼びかけている。

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