Solidarity Conference 1992

Asian Solidarity Conference for the Issue of Military Sexual Slavery by Japan

1st Conference Aug 11, 1992

With the reconsideration of atrocities and women slavery during the military colonial period, the following resolution was adopted with the realization of seriousness of military sexual slavery by Japanese colonial invasion with the attendance of six nations; Korea, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Japan during the Seoul Asian Coalition Conference for Comfort Women During the Japanese Colonial Period from Oct. 10-11, 1992.

"Military Sexual Slavery" is a cold-blooded act which was fulfilled systematically by Japanese military power and autocracy. This is a model example of how patriarchy and militarism-oriented war could dishonor women sexually. Therefore, we strongly believe that taking good care of the military sexual slavery incident during the Japanese colonial rule is the very solution to prevent any possible war and build up peace around the neighboring area.

However, the Japanese government's apology against the military sexual slavery issue on July 6 was hardly satisfactory. Japan's never admitted its brutal wrongdoing and just tried to avoid any responsibility. Furthermore, the Junichiro Koizumi administration has passed PKO bill and opened a gate for Self-defense Forces. That's why we cannot ignore the resurrection of Japanese autocracy. Japan must admit its wrongdoing and take the responsibility of its brutal and cruel actions during World War II, in order to become a real friend with neighboring nations.

We have realized that we need to build up a strong coalition among Asian countries such as South Korea, North Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia as well as Japan to solve the past military sexual slavery problem. For this, the six nations (Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Japan) have adopted the Asian Coalition Conference for Comfort Women during the Japanese Colonial Rule. Empowered by this coalition, the military sexual slavery issue will be dealt with as follows:

1. We will continue doing the research on Japan's sexual slavery atrocity during World War II.
2. We urge that the post-war actions (ex: examining the real truth, compensation, correcting history textbook, etc.) could be properly made with regard to sexual slavery issue.
3. To solve the sexual slavery issue, we will work together with the UN's human rights organization and others.
4. We will make decent efforts to make the other absent nations participate in the Asian coalition above.
5. We will also do our best for world peace and women's rights.

The attendants of the Asian Coalition Conference for Comfort Women during the Japanese Colonial Period have agreed that it's our duty to make the Japanese government admit the following issues:

1. The Japanese government admits its sexual slavery atrocity in several Asian countries during the World War II.
2. The Japanese government forms a special organization and closely investigates the Military Sexual Slavery issue. Then, it announces the results worldwide to prevent the tragedy from reoccurring.
3. The Japanese government must admit that it trampled on human rights and publicly apologize for its atrocity especially to the victims from many Asian nations.
4. The Japanese government has to compensate the victims and their family based on related international law.
5. The Japanese government must have its school textbooks include its brutal and cruel atrocities such as forcing prostitution and violation of human rights by the name of "Military Sexual Slavery".