2012: Zur Jahreswende

Korea Council Weekly Newsletter

Zum Jahreswechsel grüßt der Korea Council in seinem Newsletter Nr. 2012-27:

"This year is really getting towards the end. It is the same every year, but I cannot understand why I feel nervous this time around. I feel something is lacking though I have worked hard, and there are much more works that are not done yet. Would I be able to change this in the coming year?

I thank everyone who supported Korean Council through actions, and donations in 2012 despite the shortcomings. Especially, I thank those who came to the Fundraising Night and 20th Anniversary of the Korean Council, and those who supported us with advertisement and donations.
I combined two weeks’ news in this news letter.
I hope you all stay in peace, Mee-hyang Yoon, Representative

Monday, December 10th, 2012
1. The last meeting of the 11th Asia Solidarity Conference for the Resolution of Military Sexual Slavery by Japan, which was an open forum to adopt a resolution, was held. It was held from 9 to 11 and our discussion was based on the draft resolution we discussed last night. We decided to enhance our solidarity movement to appeal to international society/organizations such as the United Nations and to be more active at establishing memorials and museums to educate and tell the history of Military Sexual Slavery by Japan (‘Comfort Women’). Also, we resolved on future plans and decided to take more united and stronger stance against Japanese government officers and right wing personnel’s recent criminal activities in which they denied Military Sexual Slavery (“Comfort Women”) by Japan and abused the victims by words. There was a one clause that was added to the draft by a participant from Germany. That was to celebrate August 14th, the day when Hak-soon Kim testified for the first time, and make it International Memorial Day for the “Comfort Women”. We also decided to make the week of August 15th as global campaign and movement week."

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