2015: Gedenktag "Trostfrauen"

"Trostfrauen", "Comfort Women" 
Internationaler Gedenktag 14. August

Global Action for the 3rd International Memorial Day for the Comfort Women

정대협 [war_women@naver.com]
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Erklärung des Korea Council und der Wednesday Demo: Seoul 2015-08-12  

Der Korea Council zum Gedenktag 2015 (70 Jahre nach Kriegsende) 
Seoul am 12. August 2015 
 (Engl. & Korean) 

Dear colleagues,
Peaceful greetings from Seoul.
The third International Memorial Day for the “comfort women” is coming up. Here the Korean Council briefly shares our action plan for the day. Various events will be held in Seoul and other local cities. First of all, following the delivery to the UN Human Rights Council and Japanese Embassy last year, the Korean will deliver secondly gathered signatures to the Japanese Embassy at the Wed Demo on August 12. As we resolved in the last Asian Solidarity Conference, please put power into collecting the 100 Million Signatures. If you send the signatures by August 8, we could include them in this delivery. ...

This year’s global action is more meaningful since it takes in 70th anniversary of the end of Second World War. We hope our actions draw attention and raise strong voices throughout the world. We send our deep solidarity to all of you

Global Solidarity Wednesday Demonstration (1191th WD)
Aug 12, 12:00pm
■ Peace Street in front of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul

There will be a delivery of the 100 Million Signatures to the Japanese Embassy after the demo.

Butterflies’ March
Aug 12, 2:00pm
■Japanese Embassy – Gwanghwamun (rallying point of Sewol ferry survivors and families) ~Seoul Plaza

Peace Concert “Butterflies”
Aug 12, 4:30pm
■Seoul City Hall

Candlelight Cultural Event for the Memorial Day
Aug 12, 7pm
■Seoul Plaza
- Various cultural programs including screening, performance, songs, flash mob, etc.

Memorial Ceremony for the “comfort women” Victims
Aug 14, 11am
■ National Mang-Hyang Cemetery

Youth Peace Trip(Korean, Japan, Korean-Japanese)
Aug 12-15
■ Wed Demo, Candlelight event and Seoul tour for peace

100 Million Signatures Campaign for the Resolution of Japanese Military Sexual Slavery
July 27 – Aug 11
■ main streets in downtown Seoul 

The Korean Council for the Women Drafted for Military Sexual Slavery by Japan
War & Women's Human Rights Museum