2014: 2nd Memorial Day "Trostfrauen"

"Trostfrauen", "Comfort Women"

Vom Korea Council erreicht uns folgender Brief und das Programm für den Monat August.

The Second International Memorial Day for the “comfort women”

is coming up. Here the Korean Council briefly shares our action plan for the day. Various events will be held in Seoul and other local cities.

First of all, following the delivery to the UN Human Rights Council, the Korean Council will deliver first gathered petitions (over 1.5 million) of the „100 Million Signatures Campaign“ to the Japanese Embassy during the Wednesday Demonstration. As for the domestic activities in Korea, we will inform you as soon as we receive all the plans from domestic groups. We are aware that some of you will take solidarity actions to celebrate the anniversary of the end of the war. Please share your action plans for the same cause and spirit! Your solidarity messages or statements are also welcomed. Our statement will be sent to you as soon as it is prepared.

Our various actions will be a new chance to draw attentions to recover the justice for “comfort women” against recent denials and brutal speeches by Japan. We send our deep solidarity to all of you.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

The Korean Council

P  R  O  G  R  A  M  S

Communal Wall Painting Alley of Peace

■Aug 2– 6, 2014
■Street in the vicinity of the War & Women’s Human Rights Museum
- Children, teenagers, and people paint murals to display peace and the survivors’ courage.

Global Solidarity Wednesday Demonstration (1139th WD)

■ Aug 13, 2014 12:00pm
■ Peace Street in front of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul
■ Main program
Opening song
Screening (voices of the survivors)
Opening Speech
Report on the recent activities including the 100 Million Signatures Campaign
Supportive Speeches
Cultural Performance
South-North Korean’s Communal Statement
Announcement of Statement
Cultural Performance

Delivery of the 100 Million Signatures to the Japanese Embassy

Candlelight Cultural Event for the memorial day

■Aug 14 (Memorial Day) 7pm
■Seoul Station Plaza
- Various cultural programs including screening, performance, songs, flash mob, etc.

Exhibition by Women Artists for the memorial day

■ Aug 12 ~ 24, 2014
■ Seoul City Hall

Special Exhibition at the War & Women’s Human Rights Museum <Tears in the Congo>

■July 24 – Aug 15, 2014
- A Korean woman photo Journalist, Jean Chung gained international recognition with her photo-reportages in Afghanistan and Africa. She maintained her focus on sexual violence in such armed conflicts especially. Recently, she visited DRC again and covered the women’s situation in DRC. Also, the Korean Council asked her to deliver the Butterfly Fund to the women organizations in DRC. The exhibition consists of her photo-reportages on Congolese women and photos that show the work of Butterfly Fund.