Kwangju 1980 und heute

2020: Kwangju - heute am 16.-27. Mai 2020_Kopie

The Prospective Future of the Korean Peninsula After Peaceful Reunification
Address of WCC director for International Affairs Peter Prove at the event commemorating the 40th ammiversary of the May 18 Democartic Uprising.

Address by President Moon Jae-in on 40th Anniversary of May 18 Gwangju Democratization Movement
(Unofficial Translation)

Aufklärung mit Tücken
Südkorea gedenkt Volksaufstands in Gwangju. Wahrheitsfindungskommission soll Umstände klären

Gedenken_an_Gwangju_65388605.jpg (YNA/dpa). Rede von Südkoreas Präsident Moon zum 40. Jahrestag des Gwangju-Aufstandes (18.5.2020)
von Rainer Werning

Vor 40 Jahren, im Mai 1980, schlug das südkoreanische Militär mit Wissen und Billigung Washingtons den Volksaufstand in der südwestlichen Stadt Gwangju brutal nieder. Zehn lange Tage, vom 18. bis zum 27. Mai 1980, währte der Blutrausch, der bis heute die Gemüter – vor allem in der Republik Korea (Südkorea) – aufwühlt. Dort gilt der 18. Mai als „Tag für den demokratischen Aufstand“, an den während zahlreicherGedenkveranstaltungen feierlich erinnert wird.
Rainer Werning:  "Codename Cherokee"

Gwangju News reports: (May 21, 2020)
"Official records suggest that the Uprising left approximately 606 people dies, among them many students of Chonnam National University. In 2018, Chonnam University dacided to create the Democracy Trail Project. "Going Together Happily" was the winning design among the six finalistsin the bidding competition. he design connects three roads: Justice Road, Human Rights Road, and Peace Road. In gtotal , the Trail includes a dozen commemorative spaces and streches out over five kilometers..."
Democracy Trail - Illuminating the Past, Connecting to a Bright Future

Gwangju News reports: (May 20, 2020)
May 18: Participant Recollections  -   

Interviews with PARK Young-sun and AHN Giljeong

Isang Yun (1917-1991) - Exemplum in memoriam Kwangju (21.07.2017)

2 Days in May That Shattered Korean Democracy.
The US response to a dictatorship's repression in Gwangju in1980 was even worse than we thought.
By Tim Shorrock and Injeong Kim. MAY 28, 2O2O. The  Nation.

How South Korea Triumphed, and the US Floundered, Over the Pandemic
Testing, national health care, and transparency saved the day.
By Tim Shorrock. MARCH 20, 2020. The  Nation

Money doesn't talk, it swears
Hinweise auf  Gwangju Archives.  By Tim Shorrock.  May 28, 2020

The Legacy of the Gwangju Uprising (final).flv  -  To commemorate the 30th anniversary  -  Mit den Fotos von Jürgen Hinzpeter
30 years ago, Gwangju people courageously stood up against military power. They drove paratroops out of the city and held the city together peacefully which demonstrates the capacity of ordinary people. Those 10 days of struggle changed the country's direction. After spilling Gwangju people's blood, South Korea finally achieved democracy. This is a brief documentary about Gwangju Uprising which I made to commemorate 30th anniversary of 5.18. I found a small error from the previous one so corrected it. Hopefully, this documentary is helpful to understand about Gwangju Uprising and South Korean history.

[5.18 Dokumentarfilm] 80. Mai, Blue Eyes Witness, Jürgen Hinzpeter von KBS Gwangju

Without leaving a name (1) (MBC-Dokumentarfilm 2020)   45:00     
(Korean Version)  
(Comment by MBC)

kwangju mbcvideo 2020 540  CHI Myong-kwan
Paul Schneiss
Tom Shorrock

Without leaving a name (1) mit Untertiteln in English/Deutsch) 
kwangju without leaving1 200

Without leaving a Name (2)  (MBC-Dokumentarfilm 2020) 1:10
(Korean Version)
Hier mit Untertiteln in English
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Gwangju, South korea in may 1980 - The 5·18 Democratization Movement ㅣThat's what happened then.ep4
A letter from Seoul

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18.5.2020 Gedenkgottesdienst Frankfurt-Kwangju  (35')

Gwangju am 18.5.2020 Gedenkfeier

Weitere Videos zum 18.Mai 4:24
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The Dynamic Development of Korean Democracy

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