Peace for Life: Life and Peace

International Conference on Peace for Life in North East Asia
Korea Christian Faculty Fellowship
15. – 19. May 2005 at Roman Catholic Retreat Center, Uiwang, Korea

Life and Peace:  Love, Caring, and Sharing
From A-Mu to Om-Ma

CHIEN, Liang-yu,
Doctor of Juridical Science,
Associate Professor of Law, Tunghai University, Taiwan
2005-2006 United Board of Christian Higher Education in
Asia fellow at Ewha Womans University
May 18, 2005

My utmost gratitude and heartfelt appreciation to the United Board of
Christian Higher Education in Asia, Ewha Womans University, the
people of the Republic of Korea (Om-MA Land), Tunghai University,
and my beloved parents, family, and friends in Taiwan (A-MU Land)

Thanks to United Board of Christian Higher Education fellow program and Ewha
Womans University this year, I am very happy that I can appreciate two spring-time, one
in Taiwan, the other, in „beautiful Seoul city. The faculty, staff members, and students at
Ewha and the people in Seoul city treat me very friendly, kindly, and generously.
Special thanks to
Dr. Richard Wood, President, UBCHEA
Dr. Rita Pullium, Vice President, UBCHEA
Dr. David Suh, Vice President, UBCHEA
MS. Gloria Godfrey, UBCHEA
Dr. Kang-Pei Wang, the 6th President of Tunghai University
Dr. Haydn H. D. Chen, the 7th President of Tunghai University
Prof. Dr. Shin In-Ryung, the 12'h President of Ewha Womans University
Prof. Dr. Jae-Kyung Lee, Ms Anna Suh
Prof. Dr. Jeong Tae Yun, Prof. Dr. Kim Moon-Hyun
Prof. Dr. Lee Kyung Sook, Dr. Kim Seon-Hwa,
My beloved parents, family, mentors and friends in Taiwan

1.Taiwan: My mother land
2.Women in Taiwan
3.Motherhood: Love, caring, and sharing
4.Formosa: Land of beauty
5.Taiwan's friendly people
6.Embrace and respect the environmen'
7.Economic prowess
8.Democracy and National Health Insurance
9.Peace and Prosperity: Cross-Strait Relations

Taiwan: My mother land

Diverse Ethnic Background
Taiwan has a population of 23 million. Many of the inhabitants are the
descendants of Chinese immigrants, particularly from Fujian and Guangdong.
Some 360,000 indigenous people, Taiwan's original inhabitants still live here;
they can be distinguished into 12 different tribes. The different ethnic groups have
integrated fairly well and peacefully.
"The Yushan Mountain peak reaches 3,952 meters, the highest mountain peak in
North-East Asia."

The full text is available here as pdf-File.