2015 Gemeinsames Gebet

Die Kirchen in Süd- und Nordkorea haben das Gebet um
Wiedervereinigung für 2015 gemeinsam formuliert und bitten die Kirchen
in aller Welt, an den Sonntagen um den 15. August dieses Gebet in den
Fürbitten ihrer Gottesdienste aufzunehmen.

Die deutsche Übersetzung des Gebets können Sie herunterladen. Sie dürfen es Ihren Bedingungen im Gottesdienst gerne asnpassen.

Hier geht's zum vollständigen Text (in Englisch),  Koreanisch
Und hier zum Entwurf einer Gottesdienst-Liturgie (in Englisch).


2015 8.15 South and North Koreas’ Joint prayer for Peaceful Reunification

Lord who oversees our history!
This year, we face the 70th anniversary of Korea’s liberation from Japan.
On the day when we passed beyond the bitter persecution of the Japanese
colonial era, our people sang a song of liberation. The song from our deep
hearts flowed down like a stream of tears from everywhere South/North,
North/South, Pyongyang/Seoul and Seoul/Pyongyang. Today, the roar of
that day echoes through our hearts, however, we have been living with as
much hatred as in the Japanese colonial era with our hostile divided state.
Oh Lord have mercy on us!

Lord of Comfort!
It’s been 70 years since we were divided. Although the Jews, who were
taken captive to Babylon, returned to their home freely as prophesied; we
are living without embracing the hope of Reunification that we had
expected would come soon. Now all land routes, railroads and seaways are
blocked despite having traveled them more freely under Japanese colonial
era. We live in nothing but an unfree situation in which bugs, animals,
seeds, and the fruit of trees also are confined in South and North / North
and South. Oh Lord, let the liberation of that day live in our hearts again.
Let us prepare our song in a chorus of reunification from all over the world.

Lord of Peace!
Like the unchanging sky and land, strong nations surrounding this land
have been continually pressuring us, the same as it had ever been, for 70
years. We, sometimes, expected them to come in the role of a mediator of
peace, however, militarily and economically they have considered their
own advantage first. Recently a military alliance between the US and Japan
has been strengthened, and an alliance between China and Russia has
stabilized. They fan the flame of crisis by perpetually competing in an arms
race by promoting exclusive military cooperation agreements. The way that
our people can survive by ourselves is to hold exchanges, to communicate
with each other, and to be reconciled, cooperating together; however, we
are foolishly reinforcing our dividing wall even more. Oh Lord, change our
minds and help us to repent of our sin.

Lord of Mercy!
Waiting for 70 years, we hope the complete peace of the Lord will be
manifest in this world. We eagerly wish that our history of conflict and
fighting which has been recurring for 70 years will soon be over. Brother
and sister shared one same blood; our people, who (traditionally) wore the
white garments, expect to recover our high dignity through beautiful union
and peaceful reunification in East Asia and the world. We are dreaming
that news of reconciliation will ripple through the East Sea and South Sea
all around us, and that the news of peace be a great wind gusting out to
Eurasia passing over Mt. Baekdu and to the Pacific Ocean passing over Jeju
Island. Oh Lord, please fulfill our hopes without fail.

Lord who makes one!
At This moment when South and North / North and South are praying for
reunification with one heart, make us into apostles of peace. Just like
Jesus’ disciples, who became messengers of reconciliation after overcoming
all fear, let all of us who were called as Christians be able to fulfill the
duties of “the ministry of reconciliation”.

We pray in Jesus name, the one who achieved victory over death on the
Cross, was resurrected, and gave us eternal life. Amen.

August 15, 2015
National Council of Churches in Korea
Korean Christian Federation Central Committee