2020: Seeing the people who received medals... Park Hyung-Kyu...

ROK, 2020, Korea Democracy Foundation
Hankyoreh , 12.06.2020
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Seeing the people who received medals... Hyung-Kyu Park, Hak-Soon Ji, and Jobio against the dictatorship

On the 10th, at the 33rd anniversary ceremony of the 6th and 10th Democratic Rebellion held at the Grand Public Office in Namyeong-dong, Seoul's former security headquarters,12 people including Jeon Tae-sun, the mother of Jeon Tae-il, and Bae Eun-shim, the mother of Ambassador Lee Han-yeol, were awarded the National Medal of Merit. Pictured below are the people who presented the National Medal of Merit at the 33rd anniversary of the June 10 Democratic Revolt (From the left of the top row) Go So-Sun Ko, Hyung-Kyu Go, Young-Rae Ko, Hak-Soon Ko, Cho-Hyun Go, Park Jung-Ki, (From the bottom left) Bae Eun-Sim, Go Seong-Bo Go, Kim Jin-Gyun, Go Kim Chan-Gook, Go Kwon Jong-Dae, Go In-Chul Hwang. Provided by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security Click the image for a larger view.

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