2020: New Chairperson of KDF - Monk Ji-Sun

ROK, 2020, Korea Democracy Foundation

On June 24th, Buddhist Monk Ji-sun
entered upon his duties as the 7th chairperson of the Korea Democracy Foundation

Monk Ji-sun had stood at the forefront during the June 10 democracy movement in 1987 as a co-representative of the national Coalition for Democratic Constitution (known as “Kukbon”). His activities back then led to imprisonment on an alleged rebellion conspiracy. Hardship didn't stop there. He was put in jail again in 1989, when he led a civil movement of demanding an investigation into Lee Cheol-kyu’s suspicious death.

Monk Ji-sun, having served as the chair of the National Buddhist Association of Practical Buddhism, the co-chair of the National People's Democratic Movement Federation (National People's Union), and the co-chair of the National Democratic People's Unification Federation (National Federation), dedicated to the Buddhist movement and the democratization movements throughout his life.

“Looking back upon the past three years, it seems we achieved a lot, but I know there are more to do. I will further commit to and lead the key projects of the Foundation, building more upon our achievements of the past three years.”

From Monk Ji-sun’s inauguration speech delivered on June 24, 2020


Die bisherigen Vorsitzenden:

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2.  Fr. HAM Sei-Ung  (2004)

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5.  Rev. PARK Sang-Jeung  (2014)

6.  Monk Ji-Sin  (2017)

7.  Monk Ji-Sun  (2020)