KIM Koon-ja

KIM Koon-ja

verstarb am 23. Juli 2017
Koon-ja Kim, one of the 38 survivors who have registered with the South Korean government as former 'Comfort Women' passed away in the morning on the 23rd (local time) at the House of Sharing.

She was one of the three witnesses who testified at the US Congress in February 2007 in support of the House Resolution 121 which passed the Congress unanimously later that year.

At 17 years old, she was forcibly drafted by the Japanese military to serve as a 'Comfort Women'. She was raped and physically abused for three years until the war ended. With no money and physically defeated body, she and a small group of other women summoned their strength of spirit to walk hundreds of miles over several weeks back to Korea. (Text from the hearing before the Subcommittee on Asia, the Pacific, and the Global Environment of the Committee on Foreign Affairs House of Representatives on February 15, 2007)

She was living in the House Sharing when she passed away.

Funeral will take place on Tuesday (local time in S. Korea).
Let us raise our voice in unison to PROPERLY resolve the 'Comfort Women' issue before another Grandma passes away! Japan must come to the table with ALL victims to resolve it according to the international standard!!