Ein Friedensvorschlag 2013: Soka Gakkai

Religion und Dialog


Compassion, Wisdom and Courage:
Building a Global Sociaty of Peace and Creative Coexistence

by Daisaku IKEDA
President, Soka Gakkai International

Hier ein kurzer Auszug, letrzter Abschnitt.

A robust solidarity


In this proposal, I have shared my vision and some suggestions for action that I see as vital toward building a global society of peace and coexistence in the years leading to 2030. The key to realizing these goals ultimately lies in the solidarity of ordinary citizens.

In The System of Value-Creating Education, the first president of the Soka Gakkai, Tsunesaburo Makiguchi (1871-1944), made the following observation regarding why, with rare exceptions, the efforts of people who take a stand to correct social ills end in failure:

Throughout history, people of goodwill have met with severe
persecutions. Other good-hearted people may secretly sympathize with
their plight but, lacking the capacity to do anything about it, remain
bystanders while the former go down to defeat. Because narrow selfpreservation
is at the heart of these bystanders' way of life, they remain
mere constituent elements of society. They cannot serve as its binding
power or prevent its disintegration. [51]

Makiguchi founded the Soka Gakkai together with my mentor, Josei Toda, in order to break this tragic pattern of human history. Transcending the narrow imperatives of self-preservation, they stood up to create a robust solidarity of people who take action to protect the dignity of all people's lives. Today, this solidarity has spread to 192 countries and territories around the globe.

The year 2030 will be a major milestone in the effort to promote international cooperation for sustainable development. At the same time, it will mark the hundredth anniversary of the founding of the Soka Gakkai. Looking ahead to that significant year, we will continue to strengthen and deepen solidarity among the world's people, working with all those who share the vision of a global society of peace and creative coexistence


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