2014: Anklage gegen ABE Shinzo

Yasukuni-Schrein in Tokyo

Der Prozess gegen den Besuch von Ministerpräsident ABE im Yasukunischrein am 26.12.2013 nimmt seinen Anfang

Am 21. April wird die Anklageschrift dem Bezirksgericht Tokyo übergeben. Die folgende Presseerklärung hat uns erreicht.  Hier als pdf-Datei.

[The Group Supporting Lawsuit Claiming against Official Visits by Prime Minister Koizumi 安倍靖国参拝違憲訴訟の会・東京]

Press Release, 2014-04-20

A Law Suit to be filed in Tokyo on April 21 claiming that an official visit by Abe to The Yasukuni Shrine was unconstitutional

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe paid an official visit for a religious worship at The Yasukuni Shrine on December 26, 2013.

He was dressed with ceremonial suit, used an official car to the Yasukuni Shrine, and recorded his name in the register of visitors in the name of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, and made an official worship at the shrine. This is not a private visit but a public visit made apparently in violation of the Principle of Separation of the Religion and the Government prescribed in Article 20 of the Constitution of Japan.

We will file a lawsuit in Tokyo on April 21, 2014 claiming that an official visit by Prime Minister Abe was unconstitutional.

273 plaintiffs will file a lawsuit requesting for an injunction regarding future official visits and a declaration that the official visit made by Prime Minister Abe was unconstitutional. Among the plaintiffs are twenty Koreans residing in Korea. April 21, 2014 is the first day of the Major Customary Spring Festival, the most important festival of The Yasukuni Shrine and a day close to the date of a visit by the U.S. President Obama.

A sound judgment by the Court is expected in the international attention.

Filing of a lawsuit (Tokyo District Court)
Date and Time: April 21, 2014 (Monday) at 14:00 hours (scheduled)
Some of the plaintiffs and lawyers will march into the court building raising a banner for filing the lawsuit.

Press Interview
Dat and Time: From 15:30 on April 21, 2014 (Monday)
Place:Judicial Press Club in the Tokyo High Appellate Court(東京高等裁判所内)
〒100-0013 In the Tokyo High Appellate Courtat 1-1-4 Kasumigaseki,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo TEL: 03-3581-5411

Reporting Session
Date and Time:From 18:30 to 20:00 on April 21, 2014 (Monday)
Place:Shinanomachi Church of the United Church of Christ in Japan(at
Shinanomachi信濃町)    http://www.shinanomachi-c.jp/access.html
〒160-0016  Shinanomachi 30, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Legal Counsel scheduled to be on the Platform for the Press Interview
Yogo Kimura(木村庸五)(Head of the Group of Legal Counsel)、
Akira Ibori(井堀哲)(General Secretary of the Group of Legal Counsel)

Plaintiffs scheduled to be on the Platform for the Press Interview (listed by the order of AIUEO)

Shinichi Kaba (蒲信一) Buddhist Priest of Shinshu Otani Ha (真宗大谷派-Higashi Honganji)
Born in 1953 in Zushi-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture. Graduated Otani University. Chief Priest of Joeiji Temple in Yokosuka City. Head of the Plaintiffs in Tokyo and the Group supporting a Lawsuit claiming against official visits by Prime Minister Koizumi and Governor Ishihara of Tokyo Metropolitan Government for their unconstitutionality.

Chieko Seki (関千枝子) Non-Fiction Writer
The Representative of the Plaintiffs in Tokyo and the Group supporting a Lawsuit claiming against official visit byPrime Minister Abe.
Born in 1932. A victim of Atomic bomb in Hiroshima when she was in 10th grade. Graduated from Waseda University (Russian Literature). After serving as pressperson at Mainichi she worked as pressperson and then editor for National Ladies’ News (Womens’ News). Publication “This country is a Terrible Country” (Nobunkyo), etc.

Muneo Bannai(坂内宗男) Chairman of the Committee on The Yasukuni Shrine Issue of the National Christian Council Japan
Born in 1934. Influenced by “Bible Knowledge” edited by Toraji Tsukamoto, he converted as a result of experiencing the real existence of God and was led by Kishirou Sakai, Yasukichi Satomi and Saburo Takahashi, superintendents of the Noborito Dormitory. After he served as superintendent of the Noborito Dormitory he has been the leader of Higashi Nakano Bible Assembly. Has been tackling with the Issues on Peace, Human Rights and Emperor.

Tetsushiro Yoshida (吉田哲四郎) Co-Representative of the Kanagawa Association for Peace of the War Bereaved
Born in 1941 in Ehime Prefecture. His father Takizo Yoshida was a chief engineer of a cargo ship of a private company but after the occurrence of the Asia Pacific War he was forced together with the ship to serve as a carrier for the Army. The ship was bombed in August 1943 on the way of carrying military goods and was sunk off the coast of Burma and his father died at the age of 47 and was enshrined in The Yasukuni Shrine on April 21, 1957.

Any Inquiry should be addressed to:
Please, see the pdf-file.


Der Yasukuni-Schrein (2007)