2020: Mageshima Military Base Plans Take Shape

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August 8, 2020

Mageshima Military Base Plans Take Shape

SNA (Tokyo) — The Ministry of Defense has released some details of its base development plans for Mageshima, an unacknowledged major expansion of US military training facilities in Japan.

This eight square kilometer uninhabited island, under the jurisdiction of Kagoshima Prefecture, has been earmarked by the Shinzo Abe government to become the venue for Field Carrier Landing Practices (FCLP), which simulate the conditions of landing on aircraft carriers for pilot training purposes.

Once the new base has been opened, US Navy and US Marine Corps personnel are expected to be hosted at Mageshima for about a month per training session.

In the past, the US military's FCLP were conducted at Naval Air Facility Atsugi in Kanagawa Prefecture, near the nation's capital, but in 1991 they were transferred to distant Iwoto (Iwo Jima) due to fierce complaints from local residents over noise pollution. The US military has never been entirely pleased with this arrangement, however, because of the remoteness of Iwoto and local conditions that are regarded as dangerous. ....

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