Ein Shinto-Schrein, die Verfassung und der Friede

Synode des KYODAN 2002

Die Synode der Vereinigten Kirche Christi in Japan (Kyodan)fasste im Oktober 2002 folgenden Beschluss:

"Among the various important bills, attention focused on Bill 38 and Bill 39. Bill 38 was the Executive Council's proposal to dissolve the Kyodan's Information Center on Yasukuni Shrine and Imperial Issues. It was reviewed on the second afternoon and an amended version passed by majority vote. Statements and testimonies by persons inside and outside the assembly were distributed among the delegates, expressing opposition to the discontinuation of the information center, but its closure was approved because of its huge deficit of more than Yen 27 million (ca. 180.000€). The Committee on Social Concerns will continue the work."

(Berichtet von Pfrin UEDA Hiroko, Ökumenesekretärin, Kyodan Newsletter 320, Dez. 2002)


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