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Peace Train 2013:  8.10.-29.10.2013 Berlin-Moskau-Irkutsk-Peking-Pyongyang-Pusan

Berlin-Madang am 7. Oktober 2013
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vor dem Brandenburger Tor

Hier die Berliner Erklärung zum Frieden auf der koreanischen Halbinsel (Deutsch & English) 


What the churches can do for peace and reunification of Korea?
Churches for Peaceful Reunification Making Future
NOH Jong Sun

Professor Emeritus, Yonsei University

Der Vortrag als pdf-Datei 


Martin Luther King Jr said that "I have a dream" in 1963.

I have a dream that someday I will see the reunited Korea, and the barbed wired dividing the two Koreas will be cut permanently and the separated families will be reunited and living together, and there will be travel freely crossing the military demarcation lines.

This is not only my dream but the dream of the whole Korean people from 1945 until today.

What can we do for peace and reunification of Korea and of the world? What should the churches do for this reconciliation and peace?

We believe that Jesus Christ has been working through the Korean Christian Churches for many years and decades until today,2013.

<The Declaration of the Churches of Korea on National Reunification and Peace, 1988> says:

"We first offer our praise and thanksgiving for the grace and love of God, for sending the Gospel of Christ to the Korean Peninsula, making it possible for us to know the death and Resurrection of Jesus .... to the mission of the liberation and salvation of our people.

... we have sinned: we have long harbored a deep hatred and hostility toward the other side within the structure of division.

The division of the Korean people has been the result of the structural evil reflected in the east-west confrontation of the world's super powers in their Cold War system ...

We confess that Christians of the south especially have sinned by making a virtual religious idol out of anti-communist ideology ...

The National Council of Churches in Korea affirms the three broad principles articulated in the first North-South negotiated Joint Communique of July 4, 1972,namely (1) independence (2) peace, and (3) a national unity transcending differences in ideas, ideologies and systems ...

In addition, we Christians believe that the following further principles should also be honored in all dialogue... 1. Reunification must bring about not only the common good and benefit of the people and the nation, it must provide the maximum protection of human liberty and dignity(*humanitarian principle) ... 2. the full democratic participation of all members of society must be guaranteed (*people participation principle).

Now China, ruled by the communist party, is in the G-20, which is the new phase of the Bretton Woods II, a new international financial framework.

Korea has two economies for peace and war. One developed in South Korea under the framework of US-Japan economy in a sort of Bretton Woods Institute I of a controversial so-called 'free market economy' on the bases of capitalist casino strategy. And the other economy is the economy of North Korea, which became the target to be collapsed by the nuclear weapon empires.

The casino economy of jungle games would be the critical problems of war with nuclear weapons, in a kind of Bretton Woods II.

War and Peace.

The ecumenical bodies should commit themselves to work;
Toward the global peace and policies without nuclear weapons.
The idol of nuclear-weapon based financial materialism should be abolished in the world, and particularly in Northeast Asia.

The churches should re-affirm that nuclear weapon activities, like every other dimension of human life, stand under the judgment of God,

The churches recognize their need to be liberated from their complicity in unjust nuclear weapon economic systems and recognize the principal role played by people's movements in the struggle for justice,

The churches should exercise stewardship over their human capital, income and possessions, e.g. lands, buildings and investments, for the peace treaty in Korea.

The ecumenical bodies should develop alternative methods for peace-making without nuclear weapons

The churches and church related organizations should develop 'nuclear weapon literacy campaigns' to educate their members with regard to non-nuclear weapon ways of conflict resolution.

Against nuclearization of international relations;

For a culture of non-nuclear weapons, the ecumenical bodies should commit themselves to work:

Through the overcoming of the institution of nuclear war as a means to resolve conflicts,

Through the rejection and overcoming the spirit, logic and practice of deterrence with nuclear weapons of mass destruction whose use would infringe the principle of non-combatant immunity,

Through the dismantling of nuclear military industrial complexes and through the stopping of the trade and transfer of nuclear arms,

Through the withdrawal of nuclear military bases and troops from foreign countries, and the world,

Through resisting nuclear security doctrines, high-intensity conflict strategies and 'total war' concepts,

Through radical reduction and eventual abolition of all nuclear weapons,

Most of the Two-Thirds World countries and the people of no nuclear weapons are no longer colonies, but we are still dominated by one or more nuclear imperial power - the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Russia, China, Japan, Israel, India, Pakistan, and Western Europe.

Their web of nuclear control includes an unfair international financial system, multinational companies that monopolize nuclear strategic sections of our life.

The nuclear economic sanctions policies are dictated by lending banks and governments together with the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, and nuclear weapons and powers lead us to subordination to nuclear weapon imperial powers.

In Korea, and some of our countries, nuclear imperial powers violate national sovereignty, people's human rights, and human security by occupying the land and establishing military bases with nuclear weapons that endanger our people's lives and the integrity of creation for the proxy nuclear wars.

Peace agreement

Nuclear Imperial powers use the tactic of divide and rule among the people in Korea, North and South, with no peace agreement after the armistice in 1953. Invisible and visible nuclear war and exercises have been going on until today, and will go on tomorrow.

Immediate peace agreement is urgent between North Korea, South Korea, China, and the USA. The UN is responsible for not making a peace agreement until today.

In Northeast Asia this has lead to the establishment of what is today called the 'nuclear weapon security state'.

The effect of nuclear imperial powers upon the Korean peninsula and the Third World cause our children, women, mothers and the people to die of malnutrition, hunger and disease. The economic sanctions by the nuclear super powers against the weak make the people suffer from hunger and malnutrition.

The cultural war and total war strategies try to discredit all those who werk for change by calling them "communists". In highly repressive and polarized situations, this includes the misuse of Christianity as a legitimation for the nuclear weapon empires.

We must be converted again and again from the idol of nuclear weapon security strategies to the worship of the true God. We cannot serve two masters.(Mt.6:24).

To misuse Christianity to defend nuclear-weapon-empires is heretical.

The ecumenical fellow Christians should build a network of exchange and cooperation.

Idol worship in Nuclear Weapon Empires

The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty and the Non-proliferation Treaty should be carefully criticized on their double standard.

The nuclear weapon empires have tested nuclear weapons, and proliferated them, even under CTBT, NPT and IAEA.

Just peace as described in the Book of Arnos, the Pentecostal experience of the Book of Acts, chapter 1-5, and Leviticus chapter 25, the Jubilee political economy, the Gospel according to Luke, chapter 4:17-20,and the Lord's Prayer can be possible by making peace agreement.

Resistance :"No more slavery under the masters of nuclear weapon empires."

Mutually Assured Destruction(MAD) may not be the ultimate option.

Oh, Kyung Woo, Secretary of the Korea Christian Federation told me that 'We will never become the servants and slaves under the master again", on March, 2000.

North Korean experienced the Political Culture of the Servants under the ruling nobility class until 1910, and under Japan from 1910 to 1945. Now Japan has the capacity to join the nuclear weapon empires with some 30 to 45 tonnes of Pu 239 and reprocessing plants and H2B, ICBM capable.

Nuclear Political Resistance in North Korea

Right after 9.11.2001,George W. Bush declared that North Korea is the Axis of Evil (Jan.29,2002) and USA has the right to preemptive attack with nuclear weapons(June, 2002).

Four months after the statement, North Korean response was that, "More fearful and threatening thing than the nuclear weapons, we have, "Kang Suk Joo said (Oct.2002) . In .Oct. 2002, Kelly of the USA, and Lee Keun had a clash .on this wording.
What is that a more fearful and threatening thing than the nuclear weapons? This is 'people' and 'people power' and like Arirang Collective Gymnastics, the spiritual power of Arirang, the collective gymnastics.

For North Koreans, they feel proud of the fact that she became a nuclear regime in 2006-7. Their psychology is that North Korea has power to defend herself from the nuclear-weapon states.

lraq began disarming herself and eventually was invaded an the 20th of March,2003 and conquered, and the killings are going on until today. Most of the victims are the innocent non-combatants.

Richard Falk, Professor Emeritus, Princeton University hits the core issues of Human Rights, in his book, Enhancing Global Human Rights ( New York, McGraw Hill, 1979, p.217). For him, a War Crime is the worst human rights violation. Alan Greenspan admitted the fact that he had supported the president George W. Bush because he invaded into lraq for oil. This is a human rights violation.

The Viet Nam War was ended when there were few million killed, and most of them were innocent civilians, and that war was based on the false theory of 'Domino' and Tongkin Bay lncidents.

War against North Korea should be prevented now by the declaration of a peace treaty, the civilized way of human rights.

A Paradigm Shift

What should be done?

The US, Japan and North Korea have a good chance to be friends and stop making each other enemies. Victimizations and global alienation against the weak is the problem of the psychiatry in the inhumane world of today.

The psychiatry of the global disease of the killings, massacres, annihilations of the weak under the pre-colonial, colonial and new colonial powers need a revolutionary paradigm shift from their insensitive and immoral prejudices. The poor, the servants, the slaves, the outcastes, the colonized and the hungry are to be regarded as the sinners, and the Axis of Evil. The rich and the powerful people of the nuclear weapon empires are to be regarded the Axis of Good.

Here are some policy suggestions and recommendations for the actions for just peace with love, by the parties involved, i.e. the ecumenical bodies and USA, North Korea, Japan, South Korea.

The US and North Korea should 'unconditionally' make a peace treaty, and or a peace regime.

The four parties of China, North Korea, USA and South Korea should sign on the treaty. 'Denuclearization of the nuclear weapons of the world as a whole' should be the condition of a next step after the peace treaty. Nuclear free world is the target, and all those who have the nuclear weapons should Completely, Verifiably,and lrreversively dismantle the weapons and weapon programs.

US should not develop the Operation Plan 5029 etc., which is the plan for the situation of the collapse of North Korea, including US military occupation, and control in North Korea. The Oplan 5029 will worsen the situation and cause war rather than peace. ·

1.1) The US did eliminate the name of North Korea from the list of the terrorist countries and the terrorist sponsoring countries, by October of 2008. But there are other regulations on economic Sanctions against N. Korea.

1.2) The US did lift <The Trading with Enemy Act> against North Korea by the decisions of the new ratification of the Congress and the White House and the Treasury Department. G.W. Bush declared that the US stop applying the Trading with Enemy Act to North Korea, in June of 2008. But there are practical sanctions on North Korea with other rules.

The US should change the enemy relations fundamentally to friendly relations with North Korea.

1.3) North Korea will buy American products, when North Korea makes enough dollars in Gaesung lndustrial Park. North-Koreans know that American Products are convincing ,trustworthy and excellent.

U.5. should support North Korea's economy for the American interest in recovering from America's economic depression. lt can be a win-win strategy.

The US should change the enemy relations to friendly relations with North Korea.

2) The UN, China and North Korea should make a peace treaty out of the armistice of 1953. The three parties are responsible for the peace treaty. (General Clark was simply a representative of the UN Forces of the 16 countries.) and South Korea should be included in the signatories.

The UN (General Secretary) BAN Ki Moon is the responsible party.

3) North Korea and South Korea should make a peace system, or peace regime on the bases of the Basic Agreement of 1992.

4) South Korea and North Korea should develop some 10 lndustrial Parks, like the Gaesung lndustrial Park, for economic cooperation and common prosperity for economic reunification. This would be the basis for practical peace.

5) No one should threaten by preemption, by economic sanction, or by demonizing the other as an Axis of Evil.

No one should threaten them, psychologically, religiously, militarily and diplomatically, theologically and economically. It is a human rights violation. G.W. Bush violated this article of the 1994 Geneva Agreed Framework in June of 2002.

6) According to the September 19,2005 Beijing agreement, and Geneva Agreed Framework of 1994, North Korea has the right to have the Light Water Reactor.

Feb. 12002, The US violated the Geneva Agreed Framework(1994), by threatening a preemptive attack on North Korea, Iran, lraq. It was a violation. Nuclear Weapon Have countries should not threaten the nuclear weapon have-nots by preemption, according to the Geneva Agreed Framework.

7) The UN should lift UN Resolution 1874.

8) For reciprocity, all the nuclear weapon have countries should dismantle, completely, verifiably, irreversibly(CVID) all their nuclear weapons and the programs, together with North Korea, for a nuclear free world. lt may not be realistic, but it is the morality of the civilized world.

Otherwise, both parties should respect their status as they are until the time comes.

9) lf Japan would like to ask for the denuclearized North Korea, she should abandon some 45 tons of Plutonium(i.e. Selig Harrison, some says 30 tons), which may be turned into some 2 thousands nuclear bombs,

Denuclearization of Japan should come first.

All the nuclear weapon haves should all, at the same time, denuclearize their nuclear weapons. All the permanent members of the Security Council of the UN should eliminate their nuclear weapons first, and then ask for others do the same. That is the justice of 'to each the same'.

10) Since the Japanese nuclear disaster of March 11,2010,it is proven that nuclear power plants are no longer safe, but elimination of the nuclear plants should be done voluntarily. No one should apply preemptive attacks on nuclear facilities in North Korea and other countries.

lt is advisable to build free fall waterways to all the existing nuclear power plants, in case of serious accidents in cooling systems, then, waters of free fall system through the waterways from the higher water tanks, swimming pools, should be used to cool down nuclear melt down emergencies. Waterways can be constructed from rivers, lakes, and the mountains like Mt. Fuji, lwanasiro Lake, Dukdong Lakes etc. to the Fukushima-like plants and Gori Plant

11) North and South Korea should have frequent summits for economic reunification and for eventual political reunification to share the future of Korea.

12) North and South Korea should establish productive and sustainable economic community, social, cultural, military cooperation for common prosperity and common interest for the future of a peaceful recovery of one people, one language, one culture, one Korea, which has been divided by the foreign powers. “The Strategy of Divide and Conquer" should be no langer used by the nuclear weapon super powers in Korea anymore.

13} <Preventive Economy>, preventing war with economic strategies of developing Industrial Parks in Gaesung, Haejoo, Rajin, Anbyun, Nampo, Shinuijoo and developing economic communities in North and South Korea and throughout the world and sharing food for feeding the people, are the key to defending the life of the people with no war of annihilations as in the case of Vietnam's process of reunification after the colonial, the new colonial and the post-colonial massacres and devastations. This is human security.

US and North Korean economic cooperation will produce the economic recovery of the US economy, fundamentally for <win-win> situation and also prevent war between the two countries.

US, North Korea and South Korea can have economic <win-win-win>, a triple win, or Trinitarian winning game for peace, economic prosperity and reunification.


Churches should support the Jubilee just peace spiritual, political economy in Korea according to the Book of Leviticus chapter 25.

We support the denuclearization of the super powers, the world and Korea all at the same time.

Recent large scale joint military exercises with nuclear weapons, like Key Resolve etc. with . the strategy of alienating the leaders, and eliminating nuclear weapons by invading North Korea, no longer help the peaceful settlement of the military conflict in Korea, and B- 2, B-52, F-22, and nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers from the US rather worsen the war mongering situation in Korea.

The hostile policy of the US against North Korea is not necessary any more. USA and North Korea should work for normalizing diplomatic relations as good friends.

We would like to recommend that the US stop its hostile policy of enemy relations against North Korea,

And that US lift the economic sanctions against N. Korea,

And that US normalize the diplomatic relations with North Korea, And that US support the economic development of North Korea

And that US stop the !arge scale nuclear weapon attacking exercises in and around the Korean Peninsula, above the 30th parallel,

Do not make North Korea and South Korea the victims for the benefit of the Military lndustrial Complexes' arms sales and arms marketing in the Pivot to Asia by the permanent policy of dividing Korea into two.

Do not violate the rights of the people in North Korea by alienating and labeling N. Korea from the international community. Their human right of self-reliance should be protected by supporting them with food, humanitarian support and developmental supports for their prosperity.

W.C.C. should support the US, North Korea, South Korea and China in making the peace treaty, becoming peaceful friends to each other and stop the armistice.

Foreign forces should stop dividing Korea into two permanently.

Foreign forces should not stay in Korea permanently when there is a peace regime guaranteed. Alienating North Korea by the US is not helpful at all for peace making in the region.

"Blessed are the peace makers, for they will be called the children of God".


* concluding words*

Churches should work for the specific target to make it happen.

The USA's decision to support Japan in 1905, through the Taft-Kastura Secret Agreement, for her conquering, enslaving and exploiting the people made Korea eventually divided into two until today.

The second Taft-Katsura agreement, the USA-Japan military coalition, may be the cause for other sufferings of the people in Korea.

The USA should end the war against North Korea before the end of 2013, and she should lift the economic sanctions against North Korea.

USA and North Korea can be good friends. US economy can be better off by the North Korea's economic development under the North-South economic community.

This is the beginning of the genuine peace in Korea, and the world.

Appendix 1: Full Text of a Joint Statement issued by Six Nations

For the cause of peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and in Northeast Asia at large, the six parties held in a spirit of mutual respect and equality serious and practical talks c6ncerning the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula on the basis of the common understanding of the previous three rounds of talks and agreed in this context to the following:

1) The six parties unanimously reaffirmed that the goal of the six-party talks is the verifiable denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula in a peaceful manner.

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) committed to abandoning all nuclear weapons and existing nuclear programs and returning at an early date to the treaty on the nonproliferation of nuclear weapons (NPT) and to IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) safeguards.

The United States affirmed that it has no nuclear weapons on the Korean Peninsula and has no intention to attack or invade the DPRK with nuclear or conventional weapons.

The ROK (South Korea) reaffirmed its commitment not to receive or deploy nuclear weapons in accordance with the 1992 joint declaration of the Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, while affirming that there exist no nuclear weapons within its territory.

The 1992 joint declaration of the Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula should be observed and implemented.

The DPRK stated that it has the right to peaceful uses of nuclear energy.

2) The DPRK and Japan undertook to take steps to normalize their relations in accordance with the 2002 Pyongyang Declaration, on the basis of the settlement of the unfortunate past and the outstanding issues of concern.

3) The six parties undertook to promote economic cooperation in the fields of energy, trade and investment, bilaterally and/or multilaterally.

China, Japan, the ROK, Russia and the U.S. stated their willingness to provide energy assistance to the DPRK.

The ROK reaffirmed its proposal of July 12, 2005, concerning the provision of 2 million kilowatts of electric power to the DPRK.

4) Committed to joint efforts for lasting peace and stability in Northeast Asia. The directly related parties will negotiate a permanent peace regime on the Korean Peninsula at an appropriate separate forum.

The six parties agreed to explore ways and means for promoting security cooperation in northeast Asia.


Appendix 2: Naom Chomsky an Nuclear Proliferation and North Korea.

"As far as Western concern about nuclear weapons goes, obviously it's highly selective--like, nobody cares that the United States has nuclear weapons, nobody cares that Israel has nuclear weapons, they just don't want them in the hands of people we don't control, like North Korea. And I think that's really the main issue behind the controversy these days."  (Peter R. Mitchell and John Schoell, Understanding Power, The Indispensable Chomsky, New York, The New Press, 2002, pp.302-303.)







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