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2013 Open Letter: We have to avoid

Nord- und Südkorea, 2013

Open Letter to the Government of the ROK and the USA

We Have to Avoid a Military Conflíct in the Korean peninsula through Dialogue and Cooperation

We express our deep concerns on the closure of the Kaesong Industrial Complex and the tense climate in which war seems to be imminent. The Korean people are the ones paying a heavy price due to an impasse in finding a diplomatic solution. Therefore, the policy makers should allocate high regards for the views of the Korean people. Timely, John Kerry, the Secretary of State, is planning to visit South Korea and coordinate policies on North Korea. We hope the ROK-US talk will be a crucial start point to solve the current situation and appeal as follows:

First, the two parties must arrive at an agreement whereby the North’s concerns are properly addressed. The negotiating parties from the west are disturbed by the North’s continued policy of taking provocative measures in order to achieve their desired objectives. Calling for a shift in North Korea’s strategy, for the past twenty years, the western negotiating teams have resorted to the same old strategy of responding with ever toughening sanctions which have largely proven ineffective in changing the North’s strategy. Indeed, it is the North Korean citizens who are suffering unimaginably due to such economic sanctions.
Secondly, the Korean government should take more aggressive measures to revive cooperation at the Kaesong Complex, which, as of the eighth of April 2013, has had all its 53,000 North Korean workers removed by their government and effectively shut down all activities. Unnecessary provocative actions must cease from both parties. Since the North Korean regime consistently views the U.S.’s military buildup on its doorsteps as an existential threat, the latter’s government must be actively engaged in sincere diplomatic dialogs aimed at producing a lasting peace in the Korean peninsula.
Third, the issue of signing a peace treaty must seriously be looked at by all parties. Two governments from both sides, are partly responsible for the current crisis in the Korean Peninsula. Nine years have passed since the 9.19 Joint Statement, the fruit of the six-party talks in which both sides agreed to hold ‘additional forums’ to discuss peace agreements. Yet none has been held since the Lee Myung-bak’s Government. In this regard, we stress that the establishment of peace system is the only way to resolve the crisis in Korean Peninsula, and strongly urge the Korean and the U.S. governments to promptly start working on negotiation of peace agreement.
Fourth, if we put half the efforts that we are currently putting in pressuring, isolating, and sanctioning the North into sincere negotiations, we can greatly improve the chances of arriving at a solution for the current dilemma through peaceful channels. Thus, we appeal to Mr. John Kerry who is currently touring Seoul, Beijing, and Tokyo to make a visit to Pyongyang. Furthermore, Barack Obama, the U.S. President, should be more active in the U.S.-North summit talks. This is the best way in nudging a peninsula that is on the verge of a full-scale war back to genuine negotiations.
Lastly, we encourage the current administration to recognize the fact that advancement or lack of progress in finding a diplomatic solution between the two Koreas will ultimately have a major effect on our nation. We are thus expecting that the Park Geun-hye administration actively promote the North-South dialog, mediate the North-U.S. talks, open up a golden age of three-way relations, and become a historic government.

11 April 2013
Participants of the Joint Meeting of People of All Walks
for Peace and Cooperation in the Korean Peninsula


Die vollständige Dokumentation (3 Dokumente) finden Sie hier als pdf. 


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