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A Light of Peace

A Light of Peace - for the Korean Peninsula and world free from nuclear weapons
World Council of Churches

Korean Peninsula - Peace

Campaign by the World Council of Churches:

From Dec 03-10, in a campaign, the World Council of Churches invited people across the globe to extend “A Light of Peace” for the Korean Peninsula and for a world free from nuclear weapons.

For information about the campaign and for further resources, uploaded by the World Cpuncil of Churches, see:


 See also on youtube (uploaded by WCC, Dec. 07, 2017:

A light of peace for the Korean Peninsula and the world - WCC morning prayer during Advent

Aktuelle Petitionen

Join "The Global Campaign to End the Korean War and Sign a Peace Treaty!"  -Endorse the Peace Declaration  -Sign the Peace Message  -Share your Solidarity
 NEW:  Peace Treaty Campaign - 2020

Aufruf: Freilassung der politischen Gefangenen in Südkorea - Dez 2017

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