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2020: Global Jubilee Peace Campaign

2020 Global Jubilee Peace Campaign for Korean Peninsula

Mit der Vollversammlung des ÖRKin Busan, Südkorea, im Jahre 2013 begann die Kampagne für einen Friedensvertrag.

Zunächst eine Unterschriftensammlung in Korea bis 2015. Die Unterschriften wiurden damaligen Präsidentin Park überreicht. Im folgenden Jahr wurde die Kampagne in die USA getragen und die Unterschriften Präsident Obama übergeben. 2017 (Juni-Juli) erreichte die Kampagne Europa, 2018 dann Japan und Korea und schließlich 2019 die othodoxen Kirchen. In diesem Jahr, 70 Jahre nach dem Korea-Krieg, rufen nun unsere Partnerkirchen in Südkorea zu einer "International Convocation for Declaring a pPeople's Korea Peace Treaty". 15. - 19. Juli 2020 in Seoul.

Die Einladung
Das Concept Paper

Korean pilgrims confer at WCC on a 1,000-day pilgrimage for peace on Korean Peninsula
On day 847 of a 1,000-day pilgrimage for peace on the Korean Peninsula, the Bargn Nuri Community stopped at the World Council of Churches (WCC) for a Life and Peace Conference.
“To open the door to a new civilization of life and peace, it is necessary to resolve the wounds and sorrows caused by the age of violence,” said Chelho Choi, founder of the Bargn Nuri Community from South Korea in a speech. ...

“We Pray, Peace Now, End the War!” - 70 days of global prayer for Korean Peninsula to be announced
World Council of Churches invites the media representatives to the event announcing 70 days of global prayer for peace on the Korean Peninsula on 6 February at 11.30 CET at the Ecumenical Centre in Geneva.
A global prayer campaign for peace on the Korean Peninsula will occur from 1 March to 15 August, lasting 70 days and inviting hundreds of thousands of people worldwide to say: ““We Pray, Peace Now, End the War!” ...

Worldwide prayer campaign begins to end 70-year Korean War
A war erupted on the Korean Peninsula 70 years ago that divided Korea and that has yet to end. So, the world’s churches have launched a “70 Days of Prayers - Global Prayer Campaign” for peace. A global prayer campaign for peace on the Korean Peninsula was announced via live streaming on 6 February at the World Council of Churches (WCC) in Geneva, with similar events the same day in Washington, DC, and earlier in the day in Seoul. ....

Erich Weingartner: “Peace needs an emotional bond” on the Korean Peninsula
Erich Weingartner, who previously helped lead the World Council of Churches (WCC) Commission of the Churches on International Affairs, has also represented CanKor, a Canadian interactive resource on North Korea. From the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, he was also founding head of the Food Aid Liaison Unit of the World Food Programme.
Below, Weingartner shares his reflections on the 70 Days of Prayer for Peace in Korea. ...

Erich Weingartner:  My personal prayer for peace
"God of love, We confess that we have been unable to love our enemies, as you have commanded. ..."

WCC looks back at Korean peace effort - and forward with inspiration for 2020
With the announcement on 6 February of a Global Prayer Campaign for peace on the Korean Peninsula, World Council of Churches (WCC) leaders and partners looked back at 30-plus years of history and forward to events planned for 2020. ...








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