HIV-AIDS-Zentrum: Jahresplanung 2011

Christuskirche, Hengyang, Hunan, China

Preventing Aids Programs in 2011

Plan 1:
7 counties/city、district church union society hold aids knowledge trainings and prevent aids propagating activities in Hengyang city

Plan 2:
Hengyang Christ Church help basic meeting address to care family influenced by aids

ling yali_500Execution time:
from the middle of May to the middle of Oct. in 2011

Plan1 budget: 254.000 yuan
Plan2 budget: 109. 890 yuan

Execution Organization:
Christ Church in Hengyang city

In charge of the program:
Rev. Luo Yun Chun

Contacting address:
421001 Hengyang Zhong Shan south road 20th
Tel. Number: 0734-8226150
Fax Number: 0734-2563037
Email address:

Hengyang city construction bank
Zhong Shan south road branch
Account: 4300 1530 7640 5 9999999

Corporation unit:
7 counties (cities) district church, communities in the city and other areas.

Hengyang, 2011 年3月15日


I  The Meaning of the Program

The population of Hengyang is about 8 million in the early stage of development and opening, because of earthquakes at Yun Gui (Yunnan and Guizhou province) district.
The development of economy is very early and there are a lot of drug addicts.
AIDS people in Hengyang almost took up to half of our province (Hunan) according to the Hunan health department information, by the end of Oct. in 2009.
It was reported that the population of HIV and Aids people was about 8449.
There were 2586 AIDS patients in it.

1758 deaths from Jan to Oct in 2009.
There was a new report from the province that there were about 1196 new HIV aids people, up to 471,470 deaths,
There were about 53.1percent by sexual transmission, spreading by injecting drug took up to 20.98 percent.
Hengyang took the first place in the population of HIV、
I would take prevention positively. Besides, we got some success.

At present, the population of HIV dropped to 40 percent from 53 percent before.
although it decreased to 40 percent, but the situation is still serious.

In our city the majority was infected by drug taking, and the population infedted by sexual transmission increasing apparently, the population from high-risk to general increased a lot. The preventing measures became difficult. Therefore, the City health aud disease control department appealed strongly to the society "building a great wall for preventing AIDS together".

I am willing to continue promoting the prevention of AIDS to the general through holding training and information to improve the Christian's "preventing AIDS" and "caring AIDS" consciousness, which play an important role to prevent AIDS spreading to general people.

At the same time, there are among 10 million people in the Hengyang city about 10.000 Christians. Besides Hengyang Christchurch there are another 9 basic meeting places for Christians. The population of Christians in each place is different from a few to several hundred. All people in charge of each place have contact with Hengyang Christchurch, the community in each place can contact with some drug addictives and HIV counsellers, some Christians were drug addictives before in some communities. Through gospel they gave up drugs definitely. Besides, some communities helped HIV before, but it did not arrive at a long-term process and it also did not get a common consensus. Let them work efficiently to propagate preventing AIDS like pacesetters.

II The goal of program 1

Our pastors work together with Christians in Hengyang city 7 counties 5 districts to propagate the AIDS knowledge and give advises for the general so that the general can understand and treat aids people correctly, and know some skills for caring aids people and increase protecting abilities for ourselves, and so on.

At the same time, we made some billboards, booklets, tissue paper like a purse, some fans for summer and other forms to inform about preventing AIDS, through some people educated about AIDS were sent to every county, countryside, to let preventing AIDS conscious and gospel go into every home.

The goal for program 2

Let every basic church become the platform for serving society, let us start by helping HIV ar the bottom of the society, promoting the Lord's love to achieve the purpose for caring weak people, through our work, to influence everyone around us, to promote the society's equality and harmony. Let the church full of love walk out God's footprints. Let every love seed become the testimony to glorify God.

hengyang aids01_500

III The Responsible Persons of plan 1

Training program:
The major persons are the pastors and some Christians and some residents around our church - about 500 in our city, in the 7 counties and in the districts (chang ning city, heng nan county, qi dong county, yan feng district, shi gu area, zheng xiang area and nan yue area)

Providing of promotional products:
For the above mentioned, but there other people to be added, who are in the rural area. So the total number is up to 10.000.

The Responsible Persons of plan 2
We will spend one year to train the 9 church communities in the city or in the districts to help each community become the basis for caring about HIV. In each community we will develop 6-9 volunteers to care AIDS disease, help families and individuals infected by HIV.

IV The Distribution of Responsibility

罗云春 LUO Yunchun, Hengyang Christchurch
Overall responsibility for the program

夏艾容 XIA Airong, Hengyang Christchurch
Arranging the program's activities and coordination

赵刚 ZHAO Gang, Central Hospital in Hengyang city
Program activities and filing

王宇 WANG Yu, Guang Railway Company and Changsha Electronic Co.
Filing and execution of the activities

张文珍 ZHANG Wen Zhen, Seed Company in Hengyang
The program's finance and filing

刘军 LIU Jun, Disease Control Center in Hengyang city
Support for Program Techniques

V Major Activities of the Program

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VI Program Evaluation

I will try my best to help the basic church (Changning city 、hengnan county、qidong county、yanfeng area、shigu area、zhengxiang area and nan yue area) work together with communities to form propagation of preventing aids and internet training.

From 2005 till now, our church had taken part in Shi yuan community、global funds the 4th and the 6th activity of preventing aids.

30 excellent volunteers operate in coordination positively.

The people who were trained before execute the program, and can understand easily and finish the program by step in all kinds of activity.

They have the abilities to finish the program, while they have experience in designing propagation in preventing aids, and have responsible conscious with church faith, and achieved a good results before.

hengyang aids02_500 

VII Analyzing the Risks of the Program

Define the risk in executing the program and explain how to avoid and decrease the risk happen.

A training:
1、learners、 workers and expertise have time conflict ,so we can choose the time taken turns to the learners, expertise and workers.

2、learners' initiative is not strong, especially the people from the rural countryside, we will contact with disease control and manager of the church in advance, and talk together, and coordinate together.

3、 county(city)area training facilities are not enough, elasticity of funds using is big, we will use the funds cautiously.

B make 、provide propagation products of preventing aids
1、when we have different ideas with the units of hanging space, we will contact with urban managers initiatively, and strive for support,

2、the people of distributing propagation products are limited, so we need a lot of time to distribute. object person do not care about it, and when they take the paper given by the church, they will throw it right away. We try our best to make the propagation products novel and make the public accept it easily, so it is not early economical but also can help the public to know aids.


VIII project quality control

In the execution of project, explain the index of activities' quality control, and method、and time arrangement.

1、We will ask Hengyang CDC expertise to give us some instructions in skill, and make plans in detail and funds budget, develop the activities strictly according to the plans, we will make conclusion in time after every activity.

2、In conference, we will talk about our goal and attentions to make the plans execute smoothly.

3、Preserve all kinds of material according to time when we use it.

4、Contact with the people who dealt with the activity last time, to be modesty to accept the supervise, and adjust the plans in time so we can execute it.


IX project budget (plan 1)

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