2020: From Hiroshima to Hollywood

Hiroshima & Nagasaki 2020  -  75 Jahre danach
Source: The Asia-Pacific Journal | Japan Focus Volume 18 | Issue 13 | Number 5 | Article ID 5413 | Jun 25, 2020

From Hiroshima to Hollywood: How Pressure from Leslie Groves and President Truman Sabotaged the First Movie About the Bomb

Greg Mitchell

“If our sin as scientists was to make and use the atomic bomb,” Leo Szilard, famed physicist would admit, “then our punishment was to watch The Beginning or the End.” Szilard's exposure to the 1947 MGM movie, however, went far beyond merely enduring a viewing of the first Hollywood drama about the creation and use of the bomb. The previous year he had traveled from Chicago to Los Angeles to offer his input on key scenes, then signed a contract agreeing to be portrayed in the movie--and after much cajoling, convinced Albert Einstein to sign his own approval.

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