2020: Abe Government Clashes with Atomic Bomb Survivors

Hiroshima & Nagasaki 2020  -  75 Jahre danach
August 14, 2020

Abe Government Clashes with Atomic Bomb Survivors

SNA (Tokyo) — The 75th anniversary of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki have witnessed a clash between the government of Shinzo Abe and the representatives of  the hibakusha the atomic bomb survivors, on three different issues

Today, Health, Labor and Welfare Minister Katsunobu Kato announced that the government would appeal a court ruling that awarded state healthcare benefits to 84 plaintiffs in their 70s to 90s who are believed to have been exposed to radioactive ''black rain."

While in some cases the government does recognize those subjected to black rain as victims of the atomic bombing, this designation is limited to those who were within a certain....

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