KNL: 39. Synode - Vorbereitungen

39. Synode des Kyodan - General Assembly

Report from 6th Executive Council - July 7-8

Executive Council Prepares for Upcoming General Assembly
Oct 28,2014

The sixth Executive Council meeting of the present biennial general assembly period took place on July 7 and 8. As this was the last Executive Council meeting prior to the upcoming 39th General Assembly (2014), the meeting was extended for an extra two hours, ending at 5 p.m. Due to the temporary relocation of the office and two boards of the Kyodan to a site with no space for such gatherings, the meeting was held at the newly built Fujimicho Church.Following the opening worship service, led by council member Sugawara Tsutomu, General Secretary Nagasaki Tetsuo gave a report that included the following items. The national fundraising campaign for the East Japan Disaster has now reached 880 million yen. A volunteer group from the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan arrived in Japan the very day of the Executive Council meeting. The number of foreign participants at the International Conference on the East Japan Disaster was over 70, and the conference as a whole prepared a proclamation. The National Conference for Mutual Exchange among Buraku Liberation Activists was held in the Aizu city of Fukushima at the Wakamatsu Sakaemachi Church, June 9-11, with 230 participants. The 30th anniversary of the signing of the mission agreement between the Kyodan and the Korean Christian Church in Japan will be celebrated at a special meeting to be held in September.Executive Secretary for Ecumenical Ministries Kato Makoto reported on the official visit by the general secretary of the World Council of Churches, Rev. Dr. Olav Tveit. He was invited by Tohoku District to visit the 2011 earthquake and tsunami disaster area and has accepted. (Unfortunately, this trip had to be postponed due to his sudden illness and surgery.)

It has been over 40 years since the construction of the Japan Christian Center in which the Kyodan General Office, the Board of Publications, and the Board of Pensions were located, and the building falls woefully short of today’s earthquake resistance standards. Moderator Ishibashi Hideo’s report on the successful move of the general office to a temporary location was followed by a lengthy discussion on future options for the present building. The Japan Christian Center building is jointly owned by the Kyodan and nine other organizations, which complicates the matter. The Kyodan has adopted a plan to spend a total of 590 million yen for a thorough retrofitting of the building and equipment, and this will serve as the basis for negotiations at the building management committee of the ten owners.

Vice-moderator Ito Mizuo gave a report on the International Conference on the East Japan Disaster, held in Sendai from March 11 to 14, for which approximately 80 participants from overseas joined 170 from within Japan. The proclamation issued by the conference was officially endorsed by the Evangelical Mission in Solidarity at its June committee meeting in Germany and will be presented as an agenda item at its general assembly in November. As EMS General Secretary Juergen Reichel and Secretary Lutz Drescher, along with two others, were able to stop by during the Executive Council meeting, Moderator Ishibashi was able to formally greet them and express the gratitude of the Kyodan for their contributions to the East Japan Disaster relief fund.
(Tr. TB)—Kato Makoto, executive secretary


 7月7日(月)8日(火)の両日、第38総会期第6回常議員会が開催された。今回は第39回教団総会前ということで、通常より2時間終了時間を長くし、午後5時閉会とした。教団3局一時移転に伴い、新事務所では開催スペースがない ため、会場は新築の富士見町教会であった。

菅原力常議員による開会礼拝の後、長崎哲夫総幹事は以下の報告を行った。東日本大震災関係では、国内募金は8億8千万円に達した。台湾基督長老教会からのボランティア派遣が本日より行われている。東日本大震災国際会議の海 外からの参加者は70名を超え、大会宣言を発信した。部落解放全国活動者会議は6月9日から11日まで福島県会津市にある若松栄町教会を中心に開催され、230名の参加者があった。在日大韓基督教会と教団は今年、宣教協約締結30周年を記念する記念集会を9月に開催する。

加藤誠世界宣教幹事は世界教会協議会(WCC)総幹事オラフ・トヴェイト牧師の日本公式訪問について報告した。被災地訪問では東北教区に受け入れを正式に 招請した。(この来訪は本人の手術のため急遽延期となった)

教団事務局、出版局、年金局が入っている日本キリスト教会館は建築後40年以上がたち、今日の耐震基準を大幅に満たしていない。石橋秀雄議長は、事務所の移転が無事完了したことを報 告したが、今後キリスト教会館をどうするかについて時間をかけて協議した。キリスト教会館には教団を初め10のオーナーがあることが問題を複雑にしている。今回教団は総額5億9千万円の耐震補強工事+設備全面改修案を採択したが、この案をもって10のオーナーからなる会堂管理組合と交渉に入ることになる。




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