Ein Shinto-Schrein, die Verfassung und der Friede

Brief an den Gouverneur von Tokyo: ISHIHARA Shintaro

Der NCC Japan bittet den Gouverneur von Tokyo, Ishihara, keinen Besuch im Yasukuni-Schrein zu unternehmen (2004):

"The NCCJ Committee on Yasukuni Shrine Issues released a statement on August 5 to Tokyo Governor, Shintaro Ishihara, against his 5th visit for worshipping at Yasukuni Shrine, a controversial Shinto shrine in Tokyo that honors 2.47 million Japanese war dead along with 14 leaders convicted after World War II as Class-A war criminals by the Tokyo War Tribunal. The statement said that a visit for worshipping at Yasukuni Shrine by a public official was “apparently an unconstitutional and illegal act”, based on a clause on the separation of religion and the state in the Japanese Constitution. “It is clear that a visit by Governor Ishihara will not constitute an expression of regret for the war of invasion and aggression (by Japan) but follow the same line as the government for building a war emergency system,” the statement said.

Despite the statement, however, Ishihara, a prominent nationalist, did visit the shrine on August 15. Asked by journalists whether he visited Yasukuni Shrine as a public official or a private individual, Ishihara said, “That’s a very silly question. I came as Ishihara who is also the Tokyo governor. Each person has various identities.”

(Quelle: NCCJ Activity News 2004)


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