Okinawa zwischen Krieg und Frieden

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2013: Again Okinawa - ein Dossier

2013 - 6 Aufsätze zu Okinawa

Again Okinawa: Japan-Okinawa-US Relations in a Time of Turmoil

QUELLE: The Asia-Pacific Journal, Vol. 11, Issue 47, No. 5, November 25, 2013.
Mit freundlicher Erlaubnis von
Japan Focus

1.  Gavan McCormack, Introduction: The Continued Saga of the Henoko Base and Japan-US-Okinawa Relations 

2.  Urashima Etsuko, A Nago Citizens' Opinion on the Henoko Marine Base Construction

3.  Sakurai Kunitoshi, If the Law is Observed, There Can be No Reclamation: A Mayoral Opinion Endorsed by Citizens of Nago and Okinawans

4.  Yara Tomohiro, Withdrawal of US Marines Blocked by Japan in the 1970s 

5.  Sakurai Kunitoshi, Environmental Restoration of Former US Military Bases in Okinawa

6.  Jon Mitchell, Okinawa - The Pentagon’s Toxic Junk Heap of the Pacific


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Mai 2010 - Ein Brief des National Christian Council in Japan an die Kirchen in den USA
"... The National Christian Council in Japan is opposed to the construction of any new bases in Okinawa for the purpose of war.  ..."

24.04.2010 - Japan Prime Minister HATOYAMA:
New U.S. Airbase in Okinawa "must never happen"

pr_mr_okiNo Longer "Relocation"

2010 - 09.03 - No Nukes In Japan

2010 - Gavan McCormack: "The Travails of a Client State"
An Okinawan Angle on the 50th Anniversary of the US-Japan Security Treaty

2010 - Gavan McCormack: "The Travails of a Client State" - 日本語

2010 - SHIMOJI Yoshio: The Futenma Base and the U.S.-Japan Controversy: an Okinawan perspective.


2009 - Electing a Town Mayor in Okinawa
Report from the Nago Trenches
Urashima Etsuko with an introduction,
translation and postscript by Gavan McCormack

2009 - Catherine Lutz: US Bases and Empire: Global Perspectives on the Asia Pacific



2009 - A Naval Base in Cheju-Do by 2014. 3 Zeitungsartikel

Siehe bei "Chejudo / Jejudo"


 2009 - The Battle of Okinawa 2009: Obama vs Hatoyama. By Gavan McCormack




2007 - Okinawa Secret Pact Scandal. NISHIYAMA Takichi


2007 - Pfr. Muratsubaki (früher Köln/Bonn) berichtet aus Okinawa

2006 - 1. Studierende aus Sendai entdecken Okinawa. 2. Okinawa in Osaka.




1974 - SATO Eisaku, Friedensnobelpreis

 Nobelpreisrede hier


"... I established three non-nuclear principles as a policy of the Japanese Government after deep reflection on the course Japan should take as a country which will not possess nuclear arms. This policy states that we shall not manufacture nuclear weapons, that we shall not possess them and that we shall not bring them into our country. This was later reaffirmed by a resolution of our Diet. I have no doubt that this policy will be pursued by all future governments. ..."


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Präfektur Okinawa

2.273 km2 Fläche
98 Inseln
1,36 Mill. Einwohner
41 Gemeinden

Hauptstadt Naha
3 Universitäten
Große Militärbasis der USA

Polizei und Demonstrantin

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