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2019: Okinawa holds mass protest rally against US base

Source: Ryukyu Shimpo – Okinawa, Japanese newspaper, local news, March 15,2019

Okinawa holds mass protest rally against US base
By Manato Akira and Sumire Shimaoka

"FRF construction to take at least 13 years, subsequent land subsidence may incur lasting costs

Facts demonstrating that the issue of soft ground in Oura Bay will lengthen the construction period of the Futenma Replacement Facility (FRF) in Henoko, Nago City, have been coming to light one after another.

The Japanese government predicts that ground reinforcement alone will take about five years’ time, yet the Okinawa Prefectural Government (OPG) will not approve the application for the revised construction plan necessary to carry out this ground reinforcement. ..."

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